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Balespeech was brought to Tairos ages ago by the Serpent People of the south whom used it as their own common tongue for ease of communication between cities and with their distant allies in Hell and the Abyss.   The original scrolls to contain many of the first spells every written on Tairos were written in Balespeech as well.   This language has also become the tongue of the aristocrats, priests and rulers of Cinderstone who believe these ancient words carry more weight and power than any mortal language.   Outside of Cinderstone it is rarely, if ever spoken. It is used in some academic sense in Milanthris as many scholars there study the old Serpent artifacts. The root language of many of the lost cities of the Scorch Lands seems to be Balespeech as well, though divergent and evolved. In the Bitter Depths it is spoken by the priests of Lolth and the diplomats that treat with the Durager. Some cults, especially those that operate on the fringes between the old Serpent Lands and the rest of Tairos, use some bastardized version of Balespeech as well.

Geographical Distribution

Cinderstone, The Serpent Lands, small pockets in the Scorchland
Balespeech runes
Common Phrases
Blessed are the Cinder Hearts and those that walk the Ashen Path.


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