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The Wreck of the Wyrmchaser

The Wyrmchaser is a famed Dragon hunting vessel, crewed by hardened adventurers. Over the years it has hunted all manor of dragons, to young sea dragons, to the Ancient Black dragon Drangurathor - The Terror of El'Dras.   The Ship was equipped with giant harpoons, fine cannons and a hull made of the sturdiest wood found in the Jungles of El'Dras and reinforced with Dwarven Steel. The Ship was truly fearsome, and the rumors of its sinking are scaresly believed by those who knew of her. After all, what could be capable of drowning a ship if an Ancient Dragon could not?   The ship sits at the edge of a small reef, at the southern tip of the Sunken Archepeligo, and holds some valuable cargo.  

The Deck

The Deck of the ship is now home to a few starfish and crabs, but most sealife has so far left it untouched. There is no sign of any of the crew - or of damage - infact the deck, masts and sails are all perfectly intact if a little soggy. There is a door at the back of the ship to the captain's quaters, a hatch down to the hold and stairs heading down to the crew quaters.  

The Captain's Cabain

The captain's cabin is a rather ornate room, with fine furnishings and a nice decor. It has been made into a home by a giant octopus, although it isn't willing to die for its new home. It is curious of vistors, and will not attack unless provoked. A pair of beautifully crafted swords are set in stands upon the wall, running through the skull of a young blue dragon. The swords are not magical, but they are very ornate and will fetch a fair price. A strongbox sits upon the table, inside is the captain's Journel - which will be destroyed if opened underwater - which details their recent mission to The Realm of Elemental Majesty and how they were instructed by the Imperitrix to collect a small chest from a spy, which they would be aid hansomely to return. It also contains a golden locket worth 25 GP, which contains a picture of a small girl.   There is a safe in the foor beneath the desk, warded by an arcane lock which sets the DC to 25. Within the safe is a set of Adamantine Splint Armor, made with Black Dragonscales, alongside 92 Copper pieces, 67 Gold Pieces, 3 Platinum pieces, 557 copper peices, a brass mug with a jade inlay worth 25 gold and a set of three gold rings with bloodstones, worth 30 gold.  

The Crews Quaters

The crews quaters are messy and a few fish and crabs have gathered here to clean up food scraps and leftovers, although there is no sign of the crew itself. The only thing of note here is that the glass floating around the rooms from the shattered hortholes, an indication that the windows were smashed inwards.  

The Hold

The vast majority of the hold is food, and hunting equipment. Rope, weapons and tools are in high supply here, but there is not much in the way of treasrure. The chest detailed in the captain's journel can be found under an old sheet, ontop of a large crate. If disturbed the crate underneath begins to shake and a silver dragon Wyrmling will spill out. It is hostile, but can be talked down if one of the part is able to comunicate. The chest itself contains a number of books on the elemental planes, and a whip of the Windreaver - a whip with a range of 20 feet that deals an extra d4 thunder damage.

Alternative Names
Drangurathor's Bane

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