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The Pheonix Kingdom

The Pheonix kingdom was born from the ashes of an sizable Iuvian territory in the north west of Alsahra' Alkubraa', and rose to become a powerful force on the southern coasts of the Speculo Sea. The previous territory, originally settled and controlled by the Iuvian Dynasty, was largely destroyed in the The War of the Scorched Sands. In the years following the destuction - while the Iuvian Dynasty was still too weak to reclaim the lands - the population was given shelter by Alealim Aljaniu - The Realm of Elemental Majesty.   Over the following years, Alealim Aljaniu provided the powers of tens of Djinni and thousands of workers to rebuild the cities from their ashes and create infastructure so that the realm could stand by itself once agian. This act of seeming kindess was an unusual move by the Sultanate, however it has since proved an excellent diplomatic stratagy, as the resurgent Kingdom now acts as a buffer between them and the Iuvian Territories to the West.   The Sultan personaly reccomended one of the original inhabitents of the coastline, Godston Ashenhart, to become the first King of the new realm, and supported him thoughout his rise to power, securing the loyalty of his house and his decendents. At his coronation the Sultan personally attended to gift to the Ashen King an ancient Pheonix, reared by his own hand, to act as a protecter to Godston and his line. On that day he also ordered his Efreeti to conjure an everburning fire upon the Pheonix throne, that when his time came Godston could step into the flames and be reborn as a new member of his line.   Thus the Pheonix kingdom rose to power, and quickly took a spot on the world stage as a powerful nation of passionate and zelous individuals, united under the flaming banner of the Ashen King.


The Kingdom is today ruled by its thirteenth King of the line of Godston, Darius Ashenhart. The King has proven to be an excellent millitary comannder, leading serveral offesnsives against Khatesh in the last thirty years, his ansestor's Pheonix by his side. The word of the Ashen King is absolute, but he is advised by a council of trusted advisors and educated scholars that assist in the day to day runnings of the Kingdom and the decision making of the realm.  


Although the Ashen kings often have children, Darius himself having fathered three, they have never been called upon to rule. Instead, when the King feels his time has come he will walk into the flame utop the Pheonix throne, and be reborn. The children of his past incarnation are often willing to then raise the new king, and teach him the ways of rulership.

Organisational Type

Geopolitical - Kingdom  

Govenmental Type

Absolute Monarchy  




Darius Ashenhart  

Controlled Territories

  • The Scorched Sands
  • The Pheonix Planes
  • The Black Dunes
  • The Sunfyre Coast

Trade Agreement, Non-agression pact, Friendly

The Pheonix Kingdom owes a debt of gratitude to the Sultan of Alealim Aljaniu, upon who's orders the Djinni moved to rekindle the fires of the Pheonix Kingdom. This debt has not gone forgotten, and the two powers have been allies in numerous millitary campaigns against Khatesh.

Trade Agreement, Millitary Access arrangement

The human citizens of the Pheonix Kingdom can trace their ancestry back to the Iuvian mean who had settled on the land 1000 years before. Because of this there is a good affinity between the two nation, although the Iuvenis Dynasty harbours some distrust in the Pheonix kingdom due to its close relationship with the Realm of Elemental Majesty.

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