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Many people would refrain from labeling this creature as an "animal" but no one has been able to prove, as of yet, that it is something different than that either. Most talk of it as a monster, if they talk about it at all.   Wyverna is a dragon like creature that can be found deep within the Wilds. You can usually spot their territory by following the discarded bones of many other animals and beings. They are only found in non-populated areas, because they are known to eat anything and everything with even a little bit of meat on them. Not even birds are brave enough to fly over a patch of Wilds that is occupied by one of these beasts.   What little is known about these giant lizards has been told over many generations, as wyvernas are quite rare and vicious creatures not permitting many witnesses to be left behind. The very scarce accounts left by people who managed to escape them (usually because it was currently feasting on the rest of their hunting party and they were the only ones being able to outrun it), are ridden with fear and deep horror.   These large scaly lizards cannot fly like other dragonly beasts do. They are quiet and sneaky and can track their pray all over their territory, which grows in size with every snack it consumes. They are silent killers and messy eaters. They can camouflage themselves very well in the deep overgrown forests where only little sunlight is able to shine through. Their body is covered in matt green and brown scales, occasionally white. They have very long tails, which end with a venomous stinger that they are able to use to pierce down their pray if anyone approaches them from behind. Some people speculate that they are also able to eject the poison in a form of a dart.

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