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There are places in the world where humans are not welcome. Their buildings are slowly reduced to rubble by ever growing vines, their swords and armour eaten away by rust, their scrolls of parchments with their silly little rules and laws turned to dust in a blink of an eye.   Wilds is a colloquial term for such places. There are regions, big and small, scattered all over the island of Avalonia, where it looks like the humans never set their foot in the first place. If you are (un)lucky, and venture deep enough, you might spot the ruins of previous visitors. From that point onwards it is up to the fate to decide if you will manage to get back out as well. Praying rarely helps.   Most often these lands of wild nature, are patches of ancient forests, less often you can stumble upon tricky swamps or labyrinths of rocks and mountains, rarely you might make it all the way to an enchanted spring. It is said that such regions can only be tamed by magic or a lord that the place will deem worthy of protecting. These people do not come often enough. And there are rumours that they can't be actually people at all. There are many tales of beings stranger than those naked bipedals wondering around recently, but one thing is certain - something does live in these mysterious regions. Let's hope it can speak, not just bite.   Certain (in)famous Wilds are featured on maps and local settlements near them usually know a thing or two about paths that are better avoided. Many distant travellers also rely on instincts of their horses or other beasts of burden that can often feel the dangerous wild powers of the nature trying to lure them in.    Crimson Wilds is a term reserved for ancient battlefields.

Cover image: Lake Seealp by Chris Holgersson
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