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Not all bunnies are built the same. Wabbits are the evil twins of rabbits and hares foundĀ all over Avalonia. They prefer to dwell deep within the forests, building their little tunnels through the roots systems of ancient trees, occasionally forming entire colonies in naturally accurring caves in the mountains. While they look cute and fluffy and can twitch their little noses like any other cute bun-bun out there, one would be a fool to mistake them for an easy prey. And it is not just the speed and high, acrobatic jumping and sharp teeth that you have to worry about.   These bunnies have unionised.   They work in groups to terrorise beings in their vicinity, but usually you have to cross them first for them to start their elaborate scheming. Should you ever try to make a nice stew out of a wabbit you can be sure that not only will you have to drink sad cold cabbage water instead, but they will not forget your face and wabbits will haunt your dreams and your waking hours as long as they please. It's not just about finding chewed up clothes and equipment, waking up to find all sorts of things covered in small round poop projectiles, it's also about the ropes being chewed just exactly *here* and *there* so if a person of a certain height and weight tries to do anything... he is usually met with a bucket of questionable liquids over their head.   They are the only non-humanoid species that has won a war against an actual army. And maybe even the only non-sentient, although everybody believes that if not brain, they have at least a little bit of magic in them that fuels their spite.   Other than human pest control, wabbits are an important part of the forest ecosystem, eating overgrown weeds and making more of their comrades in great numbers so the other bigger predators like wolf have plenty of snacks to go around.

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