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Thoroughbred Horse

A horse without a knight is priceless; a knight without a horse is as good as dead. Horses are considered to be the most prized possessions for nobles and commoners alike. These animals have been the companions of humans for as long as anyone can remember - be it in the fields, during trades or riding into battles. In the Kingdom of Avalonia there are considered indispensable and even in the far away foreign lands, horses trained in Avalonia will always fetch you a good price, no matter how young or old they are.   The best breed of the island is considered to be the Thoroughbred Horse and it is favoured among riders of all kinds - they are very athletic, have long endurance and are also extremely loyal to the people who own them. Skilled riders are often able to create a very special bond with these noble beasts. The rarest of all is the Alabaster Thoroughbred - stunningly beautiful steeds that are nowaday reserved for royalty only. No wonder the current king has decided to embrace the leaping white horse into his coat of arms - as a symbol of perseverance, nobility, power, loyalty and servitude to all the people in the kingdom. While it goes against the tradition of his ancestors, it does send a very distinct message to all who have encountered this young royal. New age is coming.   While there are certain places where you can still run into wild herds of these horses, it is not advisable that you try to tame one as your own. It might seem as an easy way to riches, but Thoroughbreds can be stubborn and very temperamental and it is said they are able to smell the sins of untrustworthy humans, like greed and deceit. Every villager usually knows a tale or two about some fool who has ventured into the woods and returned with horse hooves forever imprinted into his chest.   There are some established breeders in some regions of Avalonia, but trade with these horses is very limited and one does need a special royal decree to be able to participate.

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