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Solar Eclipse

"I cannot wait to see the stars again while laying in your arms."
— Lorekeeper Aeron
  The people of Avalonia love their nights. It is when all of the best things tend to happen - at least to the common folk. It's finally the time when people are allowed to rest, cuddle in their blankets for the day, not work, and only do pleasurable nightly activities - like reading books, eating dinner and of course, the ever favourite babymaking. Whenever the sun disappears for the day, well, night, people tend to be very happy.   And the same thing goes for solar eclipses. When the moon decides to hide the sun, it is seen as a blessing from the skies (Icons, Nature, whoever you believe in) for the common people, a sign that they should cease to work and celebrate instead. People dance in the streets, improvised bonfires are made in the streets, small fireworks and crackers are unleashed and generally, people just start to have fun.   As the fear of magic subsided and more and more wizards have started making appearances among the various courts of the island and also among some settlements, the solar eclipse celebrations have started to become more organised, as the wizards are able to predict their appearance, with some level of accuracy. Some local lords count the eclipse days into mandatory days of rest where no field work is supposed to take place. Working during the eclipse time is seen as a bad omen. For that reason babies born during those times are believed to have an unfortunate fate as they forced their mothers to work - they are not cursed or ostracised in any way, it's more seen as a sign that the child will be wild and unruly and difficult to educate and bring into the adulthood.   The only places that somehow tend to work are the houses of pleasure, although they call it "celebrations" instead. While they would not accept payments during the eclipse, you won't be able to have any fun unless you present a "gift" of some value to the establishment.

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