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Rock Valley Port

Rock Valley Port is a tiny fishing village nestled in the north-west cliffs and represents the harsher side of the sea surrounding Avalonia. The only way to get to this secluded place is through a maze in the mountains that leads to a naturally formed archway gate beyond which one might finally get to the coast. Do not attempt to find the village without a local guide. There are not many who would go that far, but the region where this little port lies is known for its overall poverty. There are still some that go in and out to the village for trading fish and acquiring something extra to feed people at home. Therefore the location of the port is not exactly a secret, but it is a gruelling hike to get there so not many are willing to go through.   Besides fish and a couple of people who are skilled in boatmaking and repairing, there is little else to do. The people living here are straight to the point, like the name of their settlement is, and direct in their manners and speaking. They don't care for gossip or pleasantries and even less about titles. They care to live another day and not get swept up by the waves arriving to their coasts or equally as harsh storms.    Recently, this place has been seen as an outpost to expedition into the unexplored parts of the ocean. Many people believe that there is nothing more than just salt water stretching from horizon to horizon, but some believe there must be land somewhere far ahead. There are also tales of a sunken city lost in that direction but no one has been able to recover any treasures from far away lands.    Not even raiders bother to go through this village, the only treasure there might be is a strong ale made out of the little barley that is capable of growing alongside the steep coast. And that ale is supposedly mediocre at best.

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