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Morgin an Spirius

"The gentless touch of a distant angel, has brought me back to life, my brittle bones being able to hold a quill once more."
— Lorekeeper Aeron
  Morgin is considered to be the most talented witch and a healer in Avalonia. Curiously she is fiercely protected by the nuns at the Esij convent and meetings with her are rare and far between. Her patients are usually in such dire conditions they do not remember her, or speak of her faintly as a mirage, an angel that had forcefully taken them from the embrace of death.   Morgin is believed to be a half human child and half a wildling fairy. Some even speculate she might be a direct descendant of an Icon, especially since she seems to be the only magical being ever protected by the church. The only thing that is certain that she is an albino, a rare condition that caused her to lose pigment in her body, gave her white hair, pale skin and red eyes. Since she is very sensitive to sunburn and her eyes can't really withstand much of direct sunlight either, she is known to live in the darkness of the convent underground, where she treats the sick and wounded.   Not much is known about her life prior her joining the convent - albeit she has never actually become a nun herself. Everyone refers to her as a healer. She is believed to have a very turbulent childhood, losing both of her parents very early on, since she doesn't seem to have any memories of them. Because of her unusual appearance she was bullied and cast from village to village as an ill omen.    She was taken under the wings of the last known alive Saint, Albert of Munincio, who was travelling to the south and who has tought her how to read and write during their travells. He is the one who has discovered her unique magical potential and made it his mission to find a safe place for her to live.

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