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Magna Charta Caliborum

"As long as there is air in Avlans lungs, these words will rang true."
— Lorekeeper Aeron
  This proclamation was the first and so far the most important decree by the new king of Avalonia and it established the creation of the famous Round Table - an advisory organisation that consists of the bravest knights of the realm, many of them representing the noble clans of the regions but there are also those who are of commoner origin but posses useful skills to the crown.   In this document that was publicly announced at the square of the capital city at the end of the coronation ceremony, the king details his upbringing in the countryside, how he got to meet Emrys and learn of his fate to become the next king of Avalonia, and then many trials and tribulations that actually led him to the throne. Much details are spent on how he was able to rescue many looted treasures that belonged to his father and some other predecessors. But the most important is the description of a miracle sword that he was able to pull out of a frozen lake near the northern border of the kingdom.    The second half of the proclamation describes why he had decided to establish the Round Table, how one can get accepted into the circle and what kind of decisions will it make and quests will it do. That is the part that was subsequebtly copied and distributed all thorough the kingdom and read even in the most secluded villages. It talks about the chivalric ideals that the king has for his new advisors and how that will serve the kingdom and everyone who lives in it long into the future.   The speech itself was very powerful, there was no hesitation in the young king's voice and it all combined left a very strong impression on anyone who was a witness of the coronnation. This new king seems like a no puppet, with strong moral ideals - but only time will tell if he will live up to all that he promised.

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