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Lorekeeper Aeron

Aeron is considered to be the greatest bard in all of Avalonia, their life achieving a half-mythical status already. Not many information are known about their life that are proven to be true, it's more of a collection of legends and tales and manuscripts scattered all across the island.    During the invasion of Sol, Aeron dedicated their life to preserving the Avlan culture, gathering and writing down anything and everything they could get their hands on. It is rumoured that it has started with rescuing their mother's cookbook before their family house has been completely burnt down by raiding enemy soldiers. Ever since then Aeron has lived their life on horseback, going from place to place, to castles, temples and hidden settlements to try to gather as much knowledge that they was able to. Many of which they had to memorise and turn in to poems and songs before they were able to write them all down.   Over the course of their life they have been able to pen hundreds of parchments, some even think thousands, since their full collection has never been discovered. There are many underground hidden libraries that were meant to serve as a sort of a vault of Avlans for thousands of years of come. Some of these tombs of knowledge have been discovered and books from them transfered to personal libraries of the most prominent noble houses, but no one is sure how many are still hidden out there.   Some people speculate however, that Aeron has never existed at all and instead it was a group of people who worked in secrecy to not be discovered by people working for Sol, that wanted to protect and preserve as much from their homeland as they were able to. That's why to many, Aeron's soul is still alive, no matter what happened. And many bards aspire to become a lorekeeper like them.

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