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The fate of the world hangs in the air by a single thread in the newly united Kingdom of Avalonia. The best of each noble clans are now sitting as equals at the round table to advise the newly crowned king. Will this recently forged peace turn into centuries of prosperity, or is everything just a facade that will fall apart due to treachery, unscrupulous magic, secret love triangles or murderous bunnies?   Inspired by Court of Blades - a game of politics, romance and intrigue set in a bustling renaissance city - Swords & Treachery will transport you back in time into a less-civilised place, where bashing people repeatedly with a sword in public, was considered noble and admirable. The world of chivalric romance is not dead and will enchant you with Welsh inspired myths full of lake dwelling arms dealers, slumbering dragons, shapeshifting magicians and battles of epic proportions. The Forge in the Dark system is sure to keep things focused on the action, pumping more adrenalin into the arms of your chosen warriors, chasing the holy relics of their dreams into the sunset.   Immerse yourself into the sounds of clashing steel, uncover magical weapons, invoke the power of holy icons, bend the laws of nature to your will, scheme and investigate for a noble cause of your choosing, enter epic tournaments that will test your limits beyond their boundaries and defend the honor of those you deem worth protecting.   You and your fellow knights will set out on a journey to change the world. Be it for money, fame, the grace of the gods or the favours of beautiful courtiers, you all hope for a better future, regardless of what it means to each of you. No matter if you rely more on clever strategy than on your muscles, no matter if your weapon of choice is a sword, trubadour's lute or a magical wand - you dream of having your name written down in history, in bold capital letters.   What kind of a knight order will you create? Which of the noble clans will you decide to serve? Will you simply fade away like so many hopeful squires before you, or will your daring deeds lead you all the way to the most coveted seat at the round table?   The fate of the kingdom is in your hands.  

What will this world bring you?

  A new set of playbooks to create your own knight: from a chivalrous hero to a ruthless mercenary, fearless monsterslayer, protector of justice, divine warrior and more.   A list of plothooks and quests fitting your adventuring party that cut straight into the action using the tools from the Forged in the Dark system. Be it a roadtrip chasing down a holy grail, participating in an adrenaline filled jousting tournament or rescuing fair nobles from the clutches of wild magic - any daring deed is possible without much tedious planning.   A way for you to generate your own unique version of the Kingdom of Avalonia full of different noble houses, magical beings, religious figures and other groups constantly battling for power and land.   Tools for your order of the knights to build their own castle or keep and influence how the land around them changes.   Magical system torn apart between the wild natural forces and organised religious worship, granting miracles and plagues on both sides, changing the fates of men and others beyond their imaginations.   Maps, NPCs, creatures, spells and rituals, items and stories to spice up any other game that is based in a vaguely medieval fantasy setting regardless of the system. Hopefully in a form that would be VTT and print friendly with sheets and rolltables here on WA.    
This adventure is suitable for everyone who likes to smash. People with swords.

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