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What started as an ancient stronghold overseeing a nearby river, recently became the current center of power in Avalonia. The new king moved his court here after being crowned in the former capital city of the island. Highcastle has quickly became an important political, religious and military center and its significance grows day by day. It is also where the famous knights of the Round Table gather for their meetings in a special room only accessible to those, who have personal permission from the king. Occassionally, the knights gather in the inner courtyard if the weather is nice and the agenda for the meeting is somewhat relaxed and doesn't reveal any state secrets. To those gathering foreign guests might be invited as well.   The castle compound itself is enormous and has not yet been restored to its former glory. During the ancient times it was a significant point of defense, a stronghold that was never ever conquered. In the end it was abandoned as a part of a long forgotten peace treaty and its grounds and mighty stone walls fell into disaray, crumbling under the unrelenting forces of nature. There are many secrets hiding in the corners, among the towers and in the deep underground, that are waiting to reveal themselves. But even in this somewhat disheveled state, the place has an imposing awe-inspiring presence that casts shadow on anyone who enters its gates.   The new king has selected the castle as a current seat of power because he has been brought up by a lord living in its vicinity and has always seen it as a symbol of the kingdom being able to withstand even the harshest of times. He wants to rebuild it and with it bring a new dawn into the entire country. Many people however have not been glad to see the center stage move away from the capital city and believe that the king wants to keep the other nobles on their tip toes, not being able to rely on their other contacts. Seemingly everyone should be playing on an equal scheming field. Wether that will work or not, time will tell.   During the time of peace, anyone can seek an audience with the king.

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