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Fish & Stuff

There is not much variety to your diet if you are a peasant. You have to rely on the whims of nature and its seasons and hope that the weather won't bring you too many problems this time. But when you are a peasant stuck in a remote coastal village that not many people go in and out of, there is only one thing you can eat: Fish & Stuff.   It is exactly what its name says. It's fish. Any fish you can catch really. And stuff. Sometimes that stuff is bread, sometimes it's a confused carrot that got lost and somehow ended Rock Valley Port, sometimes that stuff is a different fish or some other weird jiggly something that was stuck in someone's elses net and they wanted to get rid of it. You throw your fish of choice and anything else you have on hands into a pot and slow cook it over a fire until it turns into a mushy gruel that toddlers and elders can eat alike.   Fish & Stuff is warm, filling and questionable meal that is the backbone (sometimes featuring an actual backbone) of the cliffside cuisine (if you dare to use that term around commoners they will laugh at you and it is your fault). It can have any colours ranging from grey to beige to brown. It's best to not ask what the "stuff" is so you don't offend your host. Sometimes the more you ask, the weirder things your innkeeper will put into your meals in the hopes that you'll learn your manners and not give in into your curiosities.   If you want to earn respect among the locals, you can try to chug your plate all at once, smile and ask for another. Be careful not to choke yourself to death. That has happened to unlucky travellers before.

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