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According to legends, dragonblood is the source of power to all sorcerers. It grants them not only the ability to perform strong and destructive fire magic, but it also fuels the human body with energy thanks to which it can be pushed beyond its physical limits. Sorcerers that have access to dragonblood need very little sleep, and equally as little food and water or any other sustenance. Some believe that it can prolong one's life beyond hundreds of years and the fire within them can make them nearly indestructible. After all, it is not easy to - in theory - kill a dragon and make them your dinner, so whoever is actually able to perform such a feat must be regarded with the utmost respect. Even death might consider a careful approach then.   Little is known about the process through which the sorcerer can get these powers or even if the name refers to the actual blood from a dragon, or if it is a code name for some kind of another substance. Magicaly inclined individuals consider this to be a closely guarded secret and any questions about dragons or the origins of firebased supernatural powers are usually met with hostility. One possible explanation that is spoken about the most is, that consuming dragonblood is more of a curse than a blessing, gifted people see those sorcerers as ones who have renounced any shred of humanity. They are a threat to be eliminated like any other monster out there.   Still there are many people in the world seeking this legendary substance that could grant them powers beyond their imagination, could prolong their life and bring the world down to its knees before them. Some see it as the only way how to gain power over their own lives. For most, it is nothing but a foolish and dangerous dream that will cost those who seek it their life and sanity.

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