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"Wait for a dove from me, only trust those with white feathers and a velvet ring around their legs."
— Lorekeeper Aeron
  Homing pigeons are one of many methods that nobles use for communications across their region. Dovecots are a type of building that is used to house these birds and they can be either free standing - reminiscent of big beehives - or a part of agreater structure like a tower or a castle gate. Usually all these types of building are made out of stone and there are many little alcoves inside for the birds to nest.    Big dovecots used by noble clans almost look like little conical fortresses and can house hundreds of birds. Adjacent to the dovecot is usually housing for the human trainers that have been specifically hired to take care of these birds and make them the most reliable vessels their little birds brains are capable of making. Richer houses also employ a personal scribe whose job is to transcribe and sort out all the incoming and outcoming correspondence. At the royal court, there are five emplyoed in total and they are able to receive messages all day and all night no matter what.   Apart from communication, pigeons and their eggs are also used as food and their droppings make for an excellent fertilizer. They have all that a medieval castle dweller might need.   There is also a legend that there is a dovecot in Avalonia, high in the mountains, surrounded by mists, that is used by one of the Icons and should you come across a white dove with a golden beak, you might be able to correspond with them, if you manage to capture it. And if you know how to write. And if you can manage to tie the scroll to its leg before it claws your eyes out. But many people would go to great lengths to have their wishes be heard by the highest of all. It is said that those wishes are never refused.

Cover image: Two white doves flying by 卡晨
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