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Cup of Immortality

"The glittering gold of fools who dare to believe."
— Lorekeeper Aeron
  The Cups of Blessings and the Cups of Sins are significant holy artefacts, that feature in many legends and myths of the Icon Worship. What is particularly interesting is that all of these cups were created by mortals, but were subsequently imbued with power that far outreaches any known spells. First were created the Cups of Sins, items so powerful they can tempt anyone into joining the forces of evil and using them for their own gain, no matter the price, no matter the sacrifices, no matter the consequences. Each of the Cups of Sins has a story attached, how a brave saint or a manifestation of an Icon, were able to reverse the effects of these cups, by eventually creating the Cups of Blessings, and thus saving humanity.¬†These cups are considered to be Miracles of the highest level.¬†And many seek to discover them.   Cups of Immortality is probably the most known cup out of all of them and it does what the name suggests - it grants immortality to anyone who drinks from it. It is not just a relic known to a few monks hidden in the mountain temples, its existence is almost a common knowledge. Some historians attribute that to the fact that having a myth of achieving immortality is a popular subject of many religions out there, old a new. So it is quite possible that it is just another name for these types of treasures or holy springs. Many people have wasted their lives in order to search for this artifact in the hopes of prolonging their own life or curing a person close to them. The only success stories are unconfirmed legends that were presumed to happen hundreds of years ago.   The newest legend about this cup is of a few brave nuns who were trying to smuggle the treasure to safety after the invasion of the Sol, but there are no records of where they went or if they even survived the battle. The cup is considered to be lost as all of the others.

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