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Church of the Holy Icons

"...and the people who yearned for freedom so strongly, lept into an embrace of another slavemaster."
— Lorekeeper Aeron
  Gods do not have a good reputation on Avalonia and much of other human civilisations that are now prevalent in the world. Long time ago people rebelled against their Old Gods, toppled their statues and temples and reclaimed their freedom. But for many, turning to an atheist life was out of the question. Many people do need to believe in something, and it is much easier to put your faith into the existence of love, justice, life, peace and harmony, if they have a face attached to them and a deity-like persona that protects those abstract concepts and is making sure, other humans are honouring them as well.   The universe is big and scary and ever since the prehistoric times, humans refused to walk it alone. Church of the holy Icons is an intricate organisation full of priests, monks, nuns and other worshippers with many churches and opulent cathedrals all over the world. They arrived to Avalonia centuries ago to spread the message of the Icons, that have freed humanity from the slavery of the Old Gods. Or so they claim they did.   The movement is ever growing, but so far they do not have dominance over the entire kingdom. Every lord thinks for themselves which, if any, philosophy of the universe they decide to follow - and the commoners in their care do as they are told, because thinking for peasants is highly discouraged. Not that they have time for it anyways.   It is becoming more and more of a tradition, that at least one priests is present at the royal court. Some were favoured about others, but no were able to - as of yet - convince any of the previous rulers to adopt the religion as a main one for the entire country. While unconfirmed, many suspect that gaining supremacy over Avalonia is the current main goal of this movement.

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