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"Those words cut deeper than chimaira's claws."
— Lorekeeper Aeron
  The Islands of Avalonia were not always inhabited by humans. It is believed that first they belonged to monsters, and those do not give up their land willingly and especially not easily. Even now, there are many places people still do not dare to venture to and many other places that are known for sure to be inhabited by supernatural powers and beings that are extremely dangerous and better avoided.   Chimaira is considered to be the strongest and scariest monster of them all - not even dragons could rival them in their power. They were rumoured to be part lions, lizards and birds, with a grotesquelly humanoid face. They were able to utter spells, tear their prey apart with their mighty talons, fly at the speed no one could pursue and also poison their enemies with a sting at the end of their tale. They were also rumoured to be able to regenerate. Luckily for mankind they seem to have gone completely extinct thousands of years ago. Still, many ruins, tombs and other ancient buildings of significance still have statues of chimairas all over them, as this monster was used as a symbol of protection and were meant to scare anyone who would dare to venture in. Chimairas are deadly even after they ceased to exist, as many of those "protected" buildings are riddled with traps and different sorts of mechanism to make sure people remain scared.   Not much is known about the actual species of this monster, nor is it confirmed it was actually made out of all the animals mentioned.¬†As monster do trully exist in Avalonia, it is believed that Chimairas were also real and not just a tale to spook grave robbers. There are even some teeth and pieces of their claws hidden away in collections of deranged alchemists or equally as insane wizards.

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