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"Her eyes made of embers could show you your fate within seconds, while you wished to stare into them forever."
— Lorekeeper Aeron
  Eyes are the gates to a human soul. Sight is considered to be the most important among the human senses. People rely on it to explore the world around them, make decisions and in general, lead their life. A peculiar thing, however, happens should you lose the ability to see.   Blindness is generally seen as an unfortunate condition that comes with the advancement of age, injuries of the head and sometimes sicknesses of the mind. Once a person loses sight, they generally cannot function in the society as they always did and many therefore lose their jobs. It is a threatening and scary condition that many see as a curse and something to be avoided at all costs, if at all possible. Hence why many knights wear helmets nowadays.   But there are still many blind people out there who are able to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives - it is not the end as it might initially seem to those afflicted. What is the bonus you might ask? A complete magical immunity.   If there is one thing known to many about the supernatural forces of the world, it is that humans can be only affected by them, if they see it. If you want to charm someone or bestow an actual curse, you need to be able to look them in the eyes or have them look at something that is imbued with your magic.¬†Without the ability to see, people cannot be affected by spells.¬†   It is not unusal that those people who become blind and have no families to take care of them, go on a voyage to join a court of their noble clan as truthsayers. If there is a dispute that might involve some magical spells or items, only a blind person can act as a sort of guarantee that there will be at least one objective person that cannot be affected. And that is very useful.

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