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In the past, the name Avlans was a generic term for any inhabitants of the island of Avalonia, nowadays it is considered to be a term for a specific group of people, who represent the remnants of ancient tribes who came here eons ago and were probably among the first humans to set foot on these lands. Avlans is the name for those who are proud of the countryside they are living in and would never even consider moving anywhere else. The love for the land is a major characteristic of any Avalonian. Reverence for nature usually goes hand in hand. And they do not care who is in charge as long as they are able to remain in the area their families have always lived in, and tomorrow looks pretty much same as yesterday did. They are for the most part peaceful and favour the hard but rewarding life of farmers and crafters above most other professions.   However, the island of Avalonia was always under the threat of foreign invasions. Even now, there are vicious raiders who sail to the shores to challenge the stability of the kingdom. But the biggest injustice happened not so long ago, when the soldiers of the Sol Empire sailed to the shores, established their base that over time grew into strongholds and towns and cities. The force of a bunch of native tribes were nothing in comparison to the vast legions of an organised empire, so most of the Avalonian Island got consumed by the ever expanding state, except for a little area in the north, where the tribes living were a little more ruthless and unrelenting in their defenses. The rule of the emperors was the toughest time for the Avlans as they were considered worse than second class citizens, often compared to barbarians deserving little better fate than slaves.    There was no great rebellion that overthrew the Empire, at least not on the island. Empires rise and fall like the ocean and this one was eventually also unable to maintain its grasp on the far away corners of the world like Avalonia is. Soldiers left the same way they came and took with them much of the treasures of the land. They left behind hollow ruins and people tired of wars. The land fell into disaray and the presence of ghosts grew stronger. Eventually even those faded away.   Avlans were free to live once more.

Cover image: Field in sunrise by Jake Gard
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