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"The embrace of my home feels cold as none of its stones remained unturned."
— Lorekeeper Aeron
  No one really remembers when the city of Avedinas was established. The chronicles that remain to these days already speak of it as an ancient settlement. Avedinas is one of the few big cities on the island of Avalonia even thought it cannot compare to the sprawling giant cities in the distant exotic lands, that are fabled to be much grander in scale and in the magnificence of its buildings. Avedinas is solid, sturdy, made mostly of wooden and stone buildings with a few landmarks here and there but nothing too opulent. It feels homely, reliable and lively, like any port city would be. It is thought to be the very first settlement that the Avlans created, when they came onto the shore a thousand years ago. Many sees it as their home, even if their families ultimatelly settled in different regions of the island.   Like many other important settlements, it had a turbulent history. Up until now it served as a sort of a capital city, even though the island hadn't always stood united. Many of kings and important chiefs has chosen it as their main residence. Even the conquerors from the Sol Empire used it as a center of theirĀ  administration while they were in power - and it was the last settlement that they have vacated, never to be heard from again. And maybe because of this recent history and the bad memories associated with the reign of Sol, the new king of Avalonia decided to go against the tradition and choose a different place for their court - Highcastle.   Still the many merchant guilds and the local prominent families, especially those of noble clans, cannot be cast aside, their opinions still important even if not all of them are seated at the Round Table. Acedinas, albeit a bit scorched and ruined, is still strong and not to be underestimated.

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