Rune Tech

Rune technology is created by scribing physical objects with magical runes. These runes impart many potential effects including, but not limited to,
  • energy storage
  • physical interactions
  • software logic/processing

Researching and Development

At it's "simplest" researching new rune tech involves attempting to mix and match new scribings of already known rune segments to try and achieve a more efficient or new effect.
Another far more arduous method of discovery involves “Walking the Pattern”. Pattern walking requires a highly capable mage to be in the appropriate mindspace and through complex rituals explore and traverse the pattern searching for yet undiscovered runes.  

Notable Rune Tech

Rune Engine Ego Circuits Mesh


Manufacturing Rune Tech items takes place on the small and large scale. Plenty of people operate small maker shops in their own homes and communities building impressive endeavors through carefully applied rune scribing, but at the same time the majority of society feeds at the troughs of massive manufacturing lines churning out rune tech items at gargantuan scales.
Access & Availability
In modern times Rune Tech is all but woven into the fabric of society. In the same way modern technology like the computers are inseparable from our modern life so is Rune Tech to the people of the Sundered Cosmos.
Rune Tech is to the sundered cosmos, as circuitry is to our world. It can be as "simple" as a light switch or as complex as a CPU.
Rune Technology was born out of necessity in various ways through out the cosmos. Ultimately, the common thread is that burgeoning populations demand for magic to solve it's problems began to outpace the capacity of mages to supply it. In the end the common solution was the exploration of the Pattern and the use of runes to allow magic to be used independently of the caster.
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