Rune Core

Rune Cores are glass enclosed (typically a cylinder) magical runes. These components store magical effects for later use, which has allowed the mass commercialization of Rune Tech to everyday citizens. Runes stored within Rune Cores are typically either energy cores or processing cores.   Energy cores are all about density and efficiency as the goal is to pack as much potential storage runes into a single unit. These cores are then fitted within another device which has an incomplete rune circuits. For example, a firearm would have the rune scribing to fire a bolt but would not do so until the trigger was pulled causing the hammer to complete the rune circuit with the Rune Core.   The other primary use of Rune Cores is as some form of logic operator in a larger apparatus. These can range from simple switches to to the highly complex cores found within devices like computers.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Rune Cores are 3 dimensional runes cast typically in cylinders of glass. Though special applications may see other shaped glass vessels the shape of the glass has no bearing on the items effects.   The 3 dimensional rune held within the glass is where the real power lies. When the rune is completed like a circuit it activates and completes it's intended purpose.

Manufacturing process

On a mass production scale rune cores are created by Rune Tech  line workers in combination with robotics to allow large scale manufacturing. The results of this form of manufacture can achieve impressive results, though a steady handed engineer assisted with a Rune Scriber will always be capable of achieving superior results.


Rune Cores are the foundation of Rune Tech. Without them processing and energy transference and storage would not be possible at the scales they are.

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Raw materials & Components
The primary components of Rune Cores are glass and magical filaments. Glass is used as it is the least magically conductive material, and is carefully cast around 3 dimensional magical runes made from alchemically treated filaments.


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