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Wars of Control

A series of wars, roughly 100 years in lenght. Primarily caused by repeated Cellean aggression. They carved a swathe of territory in the outer edges of human space for themselves in the war, ranging from the Phoenix's Hoard and Omega-Aurutka - Rakt'Akla sectors to The Second Core. Came to an end with the collapse of the Cellean empire.

The Conflict


After the formation of the Cellean autocratic space on Cellea, they engaged in some local conflicts. After some time, they had conquered their local five stars, and then continued upon their path of war. The subsequent conquests would draw the attention of several factions, including the local STUN leadership. A few decades after, the ASTUN would get involved, as would several minor nations near the region.


Due to communication troubles with no FTL, the Cellean forces had the initial advantage over their contemporaries. Their fleets were more concentrated and larger than most others. Still, in a decade or so, their enemies had already fortified more, and the superior ASTUN fleets were dealing nearly as much damage as they received. The major sides, the Cellean autocratic space and the ASTUN both had large fleets, and capable leaders. The Cellean military had such names as Stringer, Mad, and Kerteros Aliret, to name a few. The ASTUN, too, had their share of leaders. Johan Carte, notably, was present in the conflict, acting as a figurehead.


Due to the lack of FTL travel, each transit between star systems took from half a decade to two. And so, the area of engagement was relatively small.

The Engagement

The war divided into two fronts. The galactic eastern and western fronts. The east was the more intense theater, with the ASTUN present. The western front, on the other hand, was nearly entirely left for the local command cluster, headed by Stringer. The only real targets here were the Phoenix's Hoard cluster, as well as some individual territories.


Due to the collapse of the Cellean empire, and their loss of control over the territories they had, thousands of new, or previously independent nations emerged from the ruins. The STUN took some of the nations under its wing, as did several other factions.


Due to the, well, divided nature of cellean reign, the area would become, and remain to present day, a hotbed of skirmishes, wars, and many other such clashes of interest. Some nations wanted to reclaim the Cellean glories, some wanted to prevent that, some pledged alliegance to others, and some simply kept to themselves. Many people also began new colonies, such as Ochtotne Prime.

Historical Significance


Traces of Cellean control are still visible in the region, with some remnants of their technology and military, once on the same level of the STUN. The area is still somewhat volatile, although the conflicts have lessened over time.

Technological Advancement

Some advanced Cellean technology has been lost in the region. While places like Shiumri or the Phoenix's Hoard sector have retained the tech, many others, like Desterat or Ochtotne Prime have not.
Included Conflicts
Conflict Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Cellean Defeat; The collapse of their empire.


ASTUN local forces

Led by


  • 26 425 ships
  • fleets 53-94
  • Casualties

    5 732 ships


    To hold existing territories, and to perhaps take some others.


  • 36 023 ships
  • 27th fleet
  • 28th fleet
  • all the other fleets
  • Casualties

    23 732 ships


    To continue the expansion, largely via military means.
    Independent nations

    Led by


    29 215 ships


    25 233 ships


    Varied. Some took advantage to take territory, like a rival planet, some just held their ground.


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