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Johan Carte (ˈjoˈħa:n ka:ɹt)

Admiral Johan Carte

Legendary admiral, hero and all round badass. Admiral of the 1st ASTUN fleet, highly renowned commander in general.   also maybe possibly discount admiral spire

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Good. Somewhat old in appearance, although not very old in terms of body health, what with medical tech and such.

Facial Features

Beard, grey hair, essentially a generic gruff-looking admiral. Think Admiral Spire from Battlefleet Gothic Armada, specifically 2,but with a beard.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the early 2100s, the man has lived for over 700 years, serving a large portion of it in the ASTUN navy. Over the course of his life, he has won many battles and done many a mighty feat. Has an extremely succesfull career.


Highly educated in all matters of soldiery and more general stuff, operating and having been raised in the Core Worlds.


Employed as the admiral of the ASTUN 1st fleet. Has served in that role for a long time.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Countless. Over the course of over half a millennium, you'd expect a fair amount of these. And there certainly is. From the battle of Hurte IV in the Wars of Control to the battle of Psi-Eridani 24 some time later, Admiral Carte has earned his reputation completely.

Intellectual Characteristics

Extremely capable commander. Generally smart and sociable. Reasonably charismatic, being a high-ranking military person.
Current Status
In action
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Admiral of the 1st fleet
  • Admiral
  • Hero of Hurte IV
  • The champion of Psi-Eridani 24
  • Plenty more
  • Date of Birth
    April 28th, 2114
    Year of Birth
    2114 CE 762 Years old
    Laclare, above Earth
    Current Residence
    Titanic Lance - High Earth orbit
    Owned Vehicles
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations
    Known Languages
  • Galactic Standard
  • His native language, essentially a form Spanish

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