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Wilder Village

The one road is filled with strange languages and accents and shaded by grand yellow-orange trees, around on the savanna there's jackalopes, mules and pigs in wide enclosures with pale red canopy for the shades.   The Sleeping Pilgrim Inn Besides a Temple northeast of an outcrop of rune-carved stone. It stands adjacent to a library of rites and rituals. Its neighbors include a well-guarded warehouse and the workshop of a male common fire TigerDragon gemcutter named Un'Shee Wisegem. The inn is a single storey stone-walled building with a heather-thatched roof and well-made wooden tables and chairs,It is well lit by a huge iron chandelier. Accomodations consist of few small rooms with wooden cots and several hammocks in the common room. The inn is widely known for its adventuring patrons. Innkeeper: A heavyset tigerdragon, grim dark voice, pretty common in appearance, with dark golden hair and hazel green eyes, just one horn ring on the left bronze ram like horns, They leather and robes of cotton and decorated scale mail bracers and boots.   The Known Menu:  

    • Roasted Wilder Pork and Salted Wheat Biscuits, Tankard of Ale
    • Thick Stewed Chicken, Dried Peppers, Wheat and Seed Bread, Tankard of Whiskey
    • Tea Soaked Soft Boiled Quail Eggs and Sweet Bread, Cup of Milk
    • sells a good amount of Items too:
Spell Scroll (Arcane Lock) Spell Scroll (Light) Spell Scroll (Thorn Whip) Spell Scroll (Blade Ward) Spell Scroll (Protection from Evil and Good) Quaal's Feather Token (tree and bird)   -   Roseberry Blacksmith The shop is a single storey timber framed building, with a tiled stone floor. It is dimly lit by a few candles and fairly shabby, A cart filled with leather scraps rests beside the building The shopkeeper is a tall female halfling named Landa Roseberry. She will purchase monster teeth for a silver coin each, Every piece of metalwork has been brightly polished. Armorer: female elf named Ivashi. She is fascinated by ghosts and spirits, she's Landa's girlfriend.   +1 Ammunition (20 sling bullets) +1 Ammunition (50 blowgun needles) +1 Shield (uncommon, dmg 200) A distinctive shield, painted with an unknown coat of arms. +1 Weapon (dart) +1 Weapon (flail) +1 Weapon (light crossbow) Made by Steel, Elm and Oak, pink runes are crafted into them to make the wood stronger. +1 Weapon (net) Foes slain by this weapon are consumed by flames.   Golden Apple, Potions Shop The shop is a two-storey building of finely carved darker sandstone, with a slate roof. The air is filled with the scent of perfume and incense.   Imel: Female Wild Elf Priest, Neutral, Imel has curly copper hair and hazel eyes, and large ears. She wears fine clothing and a gold amulet. She tending the shrine of Tundra in the Village as she is fascinated by the of TigerDragons ways and strangely enough want to know all about the outside world of Vast Wastelands.   Abet: Female Fire Common Tigerdragon Scholar, Lawful Neutral. Abet has a narrow face, with blonde hair and fur and soft hazel eyes. She wears modest garments and silk gloves. Abet is scholar by Imel's Tundra shrine, and seeks to discover why she keeps having the same nightmare, She see things in her mind and seek help for it by the adventures.   The Oracle of Sands Home - The building a single storey timber and thick red stone building, with several leaded glass windows and a tiled mosaic floor, A monolith of hewn and hacked stone stands beside the building, it describe the eternal struggles of the past of the realm. She will purchase common monster teeth for a silver coin each and rare for two gold coins.     Back Alley   Its neighbors include a library of glyphs and runes and a cloistered traveler's shrine, an ruined mill, inside PC can see burnt corpse of a man lies on the floor. An empty farmhouse, Half of farmhouse has collapsed into a jagged chasm, Sporadic knocking can be heard from inside the remaining walls, Several corpses hang from the ceiling, sacrificed in the midst of a bizarre orgy.    
    • Defences
Trained Pole arm fighters and few barbarians defends the village  
    • Guilds and Factions
The Scorchers, The Oracle of Sands


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