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TigerDragon Half-Breed

The half-breeds of tigerdragons, an interesting subrace of the tigerdragons that lives commonly in the Toril or Elemental planes, they love traveling and exploring so they are used to be on the move a lot.  

    • Choose one race ability or two skill scores
    • Choose two race traits from your tigerdragon types
    • Blood Tigerdragon Trait
At level 10th, they will be able to transform into feral tigerdragon and have attack opportunities with modified double stats of two of their highest ability scores at initiative, it will last the whole battle before they have to take long rest to next time. after the ability they will have to roll a 1d10 to see how many minutes they will go with the exhaustion or if they roll a natural 1 they will be stunned for 10 min with painful transforming back to their original form. This is the curse bestowed on them by The Goddess of Light.     The ones that is complete outcasts of the Dark Spires world, grown up somewhere with their human or elven mother and rarely the father of them. The male tigerdragon connect with the family it is not in their mentality to bring up the young one. Even though it is rare to see a tigerdragon bringing up and helping the children since there mostly the willingly guardian's work.   Example fire half breed mostly gain elemental fire abilities naturally, commonly fierce and proud in their personality. they might also have fire instead of their hair, fire opal like eyes. as for a water half breed gain their connection to water and might have the natural abilities of sea, commonly bubbly and joyful, incredibly socially or emphatic abilities, and so on. These half-breed develop a special rage mode when they get older and knowing how to control this emotion they get through the sheer chaos element, as they take a werewolf-like transforming   Sometimes the half-breeds makes their way back to their distant parents, most part is rejected and others may be killed up on sight. The moral of the story.   '' Remarkable, the tigerdragons can breed with humanoids despite their strange body functions, there's some other-worldly mystery behind this. ''     -

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Looking more non-furred humanoid with cat-like ears, tail, nails a tufts of fur and starry or gem-like eyes. they will have their traits from both parts and strange combinations.   Various builds, females have feminine build and males have masculine build. They have non-furred bodies, rarely patches of fur by their face, tail root or at wrists and ankles. Their horns are mostly ram, cow or goat like horns with two or three points depending on their tigerdragon's type. Their ears are smaller than the usual tigerdragon ancestry, rarely have bigger than cats ones. Their tail is slender with tight-sitting fur,the muscles to balance their cat like walks. Their special trait rare occasions of crystal growth and elemental hair growth of their tigerdragon traits.

Genetics and Reproduction

Rarely they can reproduce, it is just like a Liger, half breed of tiger and lion. there's only 2% chance of reproduction.

Growth Rate & Stages

They are same as humans and elves, growing up outside the standards of a tigerdragon, they still have a few of the fey aberration genes in them. They might be slow learners but they have a huge interests, might experience some bursts of growth now and then, specially as a toddler and elder.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They eat and drink as humans or elves, but get fascinated by sparkly and shiny gems, if the gems is high enough quality they can eat them in form of dust or grind up as fine sugar. it will have a slight taste of sweetness or salt, depending on what gems they attracted too.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have heighten senses, but it all depending on if they have human, elven or elemental ancestry.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male: Teun, Iwan, Lucian, Kaleb, Rhun, Albert, Hector, Thaddeus   Female: Aaren, Kai, Gale, Josie, Cerian, Ester, Matilda, Minerva   Lastnames: Willoris, Halesia, Gelderman, Kielstra, Mitchell, Littlechild, Redsmith, Nethersole   Nick names: The Following Wraith, The Noisy Blacksmith, Longtail, The Nocturnal, Gentleheart, Giver Of Life, The Rabbit Slayer, Ignite, Shine


It is a taboo for tigerdragon's to breed or have an intimate intercourse with other species than themselves, it is seen as filthy. as Alula saw this she gaze from the throne and saw upon the mockery and bestow curse on the abomination with her godly tongue ' My words will travel in their blood if i see an child of this foolishness of my followers and their families! They will feel my wrath in their emotions! ' as she pointed at the first of their races, who came and seek shelter, but was thrown out from the city secure walls.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Fey Humanoid
690-790 years
Average Height
1.30 - 190 cm
Average Weight
45-85 kilo

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