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Siannodel Items

    • Warrior Phoenix Armor
Mithril/Suede/Cotton, Gives her movablity to dex in all the ways, +5 dex / saves , At will: Feather Fall, Skill Empowerment, Contingency  
    • Everliving Eye: she can see 15 blind sight and extremely strong for 3 rounds if she get exhausted, her strength and con goes +8
(Only 3 times a day) Spells: - Arcane eye, Arcane Lock, Blink, Knock, Mending, Branding Smite  
    • Litte Pouch: Bag of Holding
    • Belt of Nocturnal Protection
twice a day: allows you to re-roll a failed saving throw. Four times a day: If failed on a damage saving throw conjures a shield of force (+2 armor class) for 2 rounds.  
    • Gloves of Tearing
1+ str and con for twice a day it grants you resistance to Poison damage until you take a long rest and grants you advantage on attack rolls until the end of your next turn.  
    • Fire Fairies Shoes
She can kick and make a spray of flames (range 20 feet, 7d6 fire damage, Dex save half) three times a day. Allows you to jump up to 50 feet at free will and only takes half damage if landing on the feet.  
    • Gold Butter Knife
It destroys metal objects that its clash into with a burst of acid (2d6 acid damage, Dex save half) for 35 ft radius.  
    • Siannodel's Talisman:
A polished shard of translucent black smokey quartz on a silver chain. pushes an adjacent creature 20 feet away from you and prone them for 2 rounds. 20 DC.  
    • Charynrie's Talisman:
A crystalline orb filled with fine bone dust, strange weird feeling to it. Touch, for 2 rounds it heals a nearby creature of 2d8 hit points.  
    • Orianna's Talisman:
spindle of emerald engraved with endless spirals conjures a bladed whirlwind of force (4d6 force, 1d6 slashing damage, finesse, light) only three times a day.

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