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Shadow Tigerdragon

'' The elemental tigerdragon in their youthling years came over the slow changing Dark Forest and lay their eyes on this blacken tree, ever so warned they began to change and over the month the alteration and tigerdragon changed completely, even their mind. Shadowfell energy transformed them into a Shadow Tigerdragon. ''  

    • Dusk Hunters
    • Can only take this at level 5, can no longer take any other tigerdragon elemental spells or attacks.
    • Absorb elements, Elemental Bane
    • tigerdragon's elemental attacks become black and shadow like, no more colors
    • shadow/darkness 2 spells / each fourth level
    • advantage on charm and stealth
    • Shadow spells: Claws of Darkness, Net of Shadows, Shadow Binding, Shadow Conjuration, Shadowy Grappler, Shadow Form, Shadow, Tentacle;Lesser, Triple Mask.
    • Darkness: Blacklight, Darkbolt, Distracting Shadows, Early Twilight, Scattergloom, Veil of Shadow, Ravenous Darkness.
    • Poison: Venom Bolt, Seething Eyebane, Venomfire, Corrosive Grasp, Mestil's Acid Breath

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