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Makucura, The Thundershower Plane

The south pole, the darken clouds of blue, teal and black-gray skies that occasionally rain, snowing all the time, there's never a piece of quiet, always the rolling of thunder and blinking of lightning in the distance. howling winds that crosses the plains, hills and mountains. people who adapted to the icy environment can harvest frozen arcane magic that comes from the skies above on rare occasions.   Whitedwell Depths: A lake of liquid nitrogen and arcane magic, huge expand over the ice plane as it connect with Boboro Taiga, the valley, The Drowning Mangrove and Lamar Chasm. It is known for it instant freezing temperature and it strange chiming sounds.   South Faewind Range: a small village of iglo's, ice and snow houses, some even made crystal from the strange whitedwell mountains side. Little outside the village pillars of teal crystals leads to the opening of this temple grounds of the whitedwell mountain, symbol of 3 eyes in triangle from with feathers between and in the middle is a 'seed of life' .   The Black Diamond Bridge this bridge is the one that connects with the Hollow Edge, it is also a stronghold to the shadar kai, they built a community here.   Shadowsnow Port Bridge A bridge that stretches from the plane to the island Gaia, joining with the moving sadness boarder and world known high security prison. Is is highly guarded.   Embercross Hold: a smaller town of just 677 elven and halflings, just a few other mix of races, near Thunderstorm Post stretches along the crosspaths of White Drake's Walk and Crystal Lane.   Thunderstorm Post a small village of 256 tigerdragons and elven, dwarves and halflings on a half-island in the south parts, near cobalt might. they have a crystal tree growing that emitting some sort of warmth.     Whitedwell Mountain: Prison of murderer and killers, prison for wrongdoings, Judged by Elemental and Titans. Houses circle of psionic magic users and druids; Dark and Light lives in harmony here.   The Sacred Paladin Elinora Westdorrow,in the search the infamous book of the old ones, in order to restore the balance between planes and order. She paid a few people to help her but gotten lost in the sunken temple, nobody seen the last of the people.   Lartchkass Highlands Between diamond bridge and whitedwell depth is this frozen landscape stretching almost forever into the everlasting storms and noises of thunder.   Opulence Depths Mines this mine is near the Fallen Star as it close by the diamond bridge.     Twillight Spire: a strange sparkling black crystal around which glowing black light, towering pillar that people keeps away from, there's always a blizzard storming around it as well the Whitedwell depths lake.   Fallen Star Walk a icy road that stretches along Boboro Taiga to the diamond bridge   Crystal Lane: the trading route from the Whitedwell Mountain to the Embercross Hold   City of Forgotten: a massive ruins under the ice of Ghostly Forest valley, it was taken by a devastating blast of snow from a great white wyrm.   The Ghostly Forest Valley (extremely deep into the a valley of frozen trees and round black rocks, joining with the The Ice-Crowned Canyon )     White Drake Walk: a walk path that begins in Lamar Chasm ends at the drowning mangrove, it crosses the Boboro Taiga and Cirrus Islet     Cirrus Islet (small clouds, strange round crystal rocks in the skies that have ripples small orbs of light into the below ) Lamar Chasm: strange huge hole, white warm light shoots up into the skies and far realm, people never venture close to this it is close by the Cirrus Islet. it is sacred grounds and only priestess and chosen ones walks to it a few times once a year.   The Boboro Taiga (a legendary feathered serpent, forest of ice crystal trees, white crystal deers, stretches into the Whitedwell mountains)   The Drowning Mangrove ( a scattered place that blends in with the cobalt might as almost a peninsula of the south pole, there's hags and other bog like creatures wandering in this huge place.     Old Stone Nursery Strange abandon building rises in the drowning mangroves, strange noises have come from this place. it is said to be haunted.   Snow Maw Isle A small island in the death waves, it is a strange crystal like island with elemental magic fog on it, it said to hold strange magical stones. -


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