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Greater Deity Suket

Suket Chima Lunatica (a.k.a. Lusty)

Suket is the god of massacre and being of greater annihilation. Their power hunger is never ending and always on the look for a new prey to play with.   - Appearance They first appears as a darkness and feeling of being watched, as they appear more they look like a female of shadows with three pairs of black sun like wings, as well a voice honeyed and sweet depends on who contacting them. Their form is pastel pink, gigantic, muscular, anthropomorphic bunny body which is female, fire orange, pink and yellow lion like eyes and mouth full of sharp teeth as well the rabbits teeth in the front. the sunset pinkish mane like hair, silken with long droopy bunny ears with long demonic claws at the tips, the hands and feets are demonic as well. They mostly wear nothing on their body but enjoy couple of pieces of seductive leather if they feel for it.   - Abilities   They fling their long claw like hands into to ground as it pushes and breaks underneath, extreme earthquakes and thundering slabs of stones hurls around as in second of the first shadow-like hands attacks everyone in 100 ft around and strangles their foes and they take necrotic damage, They can a few spells casting of imprisoning their foes with nightmares or binding them to place they are standing with stunning effects. Suket can take back health by eating their attackers or pals, they do not care of who just randomly grabs someone to devouring them if they get bored or taking too much damage.   - History   When Suket was born into the world, her mother didn't think too much of it. Her name guardian gave her was Crimson Butterfly and knowingly that was the last time she would ever experience the kindness from her. She was a very pink cute bunny like tigerdragon with shimmering blue sapphire eyes and braided coral pink and golden hair, long spiky tail and a heart mark on their hip. only difference between her and the other was her mischievous behavior. it was never ending. seemed like she was more of a prankster than anything else.   She enjoyed pulling pranks and scare away people, enjoyed chasing them and pushing them into almost deathly things. biting and making almost bleeding wounds and tasting their blood. squashing and pulling legs of small creatures as well see how they could be in a closed off habitat and looking at them fighting to death. Her best friends Alldevi and herself went to the magic university of Fallen Star Hill and got all A's on their studies.   Crimson Butterfly was all kind to highest and elders, but with other kids. She would be merciless, as her slow and painful torture outside the view grew on her and becoming filled with excitement and thrill. Crimson Butterfly then changed her name and identity, becoming Suket Lunatica, the massacre queen after setting a whole city in danger, deception by the elders and killing everyone expect one, her best friend, Alldevi.   Then began gathering followers of the underground and darkness as well destroyed The Blight Citadel and The City of Souls, but something hold the tigerdragon back, The Light Tree. They despises the radiant magic from it. over 50 years Suket dwelled on it, transforming into something so far and powerful, mighty Mouku aka. Rabbit Monster in tigerdragon's lore, it is a taint of chaos magic that mixes with emotional stress, build up of hatred and spite all lthe living. Suket became the new destroyer and created the first war, Civil war and nemesis against the tigerdragons. After awhile the guardian parent of them, couldn't take it anymore, she locked this creature away from all that it is, magically chained to a chamber for all eternity.   In the prison Suket sat and meditated, harnessing the inner world and creating a darkness of their heart, stealthly reaching out to the devoted followers. making them do the tasks to let the destroyer out once more. Till a day when something or someone broke her out.

Divine Domains

Destruction, Annihilation, Sadism, Massacre, Cannibalism, Blood, Ruins, Melee Weapons, Psionic, Madness, Wicked, Necrotic, Death

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Spiky, Blade like Tribal Sigil, red demonic eye with ten blades around it


Social Aptitude

She have a extremely Strong-Willed head and never afraid of anything, she have Bubbly but Ruthless type of social tie towards people, always been Secretive about her own personal goals, She does however have a very big flaw and loves torture people even if they are allies.

Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Chaotic - Neutral Evil
Current Location
Rabbit Monsters
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Destroyer of Worlds, Blood Masquerade Queen, Widow of Sadism
90 kilo

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