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Gaia is the heart of the realm, the heart of every beginning, every end and forever more.     - NORTH and WEST-   Phoenix Volcano At the north west north side of the island of Gaia, A gigantic dome cinder Cone Vulcano peaking up over the first layers of clouds, 4 miles in radius as it have five smaller craters under the sea bed of giants depth as well a island of the hidden guardians and natural hot springs at the Fog Lake.     Hot Springs Also to the material plane, Serene Baths of the Far Beasts. this place have a bunch of small hot or boiling water holes from the deep beneath, you can see a lot of travelers coming here to take a longer soaks.     Flicker Beach A paradise of elementals and other creatures alike, mostly a vacation of naturalness and never ending party. Fog Lake Mysterious place of nymphs, merfolk and other water creatures.   Forest of the Enchantress fairies and other fey creatures place, echo of feywild   Fairy Pool Sacred place of faeries, guardians, tigerdragons and the portal of feywild     Steps of Tora A huge valley road stretching from flowers meadow to flicker beach, this is the main road of traders and most safest one.   Solaris Hills a large place of wild flowers resting on a hilltop, mostly Birds, Wyrms, Pegasus nesting here.     Giant Forest: A huge pine-tree forest place where the tribes of ancient tigerdragons leaders lives their last parts of the life cycles, mostly taken care of by cleric's of Alula and Tora's Warlocks and Soul Collectors. Located between Sharp Rocks mountains and Flowers Meadow, it is easily spotted.   City of Souls The biggest city and all dark magic users comes from, but mostly the nicest place to be and stay in. all kinds of creatures from far and wide comes here to get to the far realms and the Toril. the city is ruled by the Deity Tora and she mostly comes every full moon (3 days stay) to protect travelers from the virus.   Mermaid Lake A bay, crest of sea water meeting the land, this place have many coral reefs, tunnels and caves where merfolk and other underwater races lives and thrives, it is rich in all natural resources the folk needs.   Ka'ercashi, The City of Pirates A strange towering city with sprawling urban technology mixed with some unimaginable magic artifacts.   Screaming Swamps lurking in this swamps are creatures of undead, reptilians and other ghastly things.   Caves of Darker Legendary Cave place     -SOUTH and EAST-   Vexus Prosperity Bog The giant swamps, many earth tigerdragons and some water ones lives around here, many various monster spieces and other strange creatures have their hide outs in these giant trees, mostly by living over the watery grounds and have tree huts and so on.   Halirose Path: The only main road that goes through the Vexus Prosperity Bog, from the north of Sharp Rocks to Shine Tower.   Nightdew Keep: southen part of the bog there's a town ruin of three housings and fortress for water genasi's taken over by hobgoblins and goblin kins. It is said to have a small treasure of Chessenta.   Twin Dragon Valley Valley in the Sharp Rocks, rumors about a pair of sleeping blue dragons lives there.   Sharp Rocks: A mountain chain that splits the Vexus Prosperity Bog from the mainland, it is highly dangerous for inexperienced travelers and a lot of earth, wind and lighting elementals are extremely territorial over their peaceful places in the mountains.   Dustkeepers Town: A small town on the inland between hill coasts and Fog Lake, It have mostly humans and halflings living in it just a few mix of other elven. It is known for it woodwork, artists, grain and farming, as well have a small travelers shine of gods and goddesses.     Hian Village: (swamps)   Island of Forgotten: It is a huge cliff with migrating birds and have huge crystal that used as a light tower for airships and other trader ships. There's a small temple for the earth tigerdragon's, carved in the stone it is used for their upcoming adult hood.   Mermaid Coastal Town: a large village in the north east peninsula, it have 242 water tigerdragons and a 5% other races living in it.   Wolftracker's Lane: the main road that goes from Mermaid Coastal Town to Phoenix Volcano Gates, it joins with the Blue Starlight Path.   Blue Starlight Path: Goes from Dustkeepers Town, joins as a bridge over Steps of Tora and ends at the Beach Palm Birds.   Mountain Meadows: the big meadows outside light city of Alula   Pine woods: the giant pine trees hides enormous beings created by Tundra, small creeks and rivers in crystal clear mountain water.   Alula's tree aka. Tree of beginning: In the heart of Gaia, a huge crystallized tree resembling a willow, bonsai and pine. Massive crystals raised from the ground around, radiance is shining through the whole city.   Flowers Meadows: the outer plains of Alula's city.     Crystallize Caves: The underground forest groves, it is air tigerdragon tribe of specialized in the eggs they lay and other things, alo where the highly protected place of hatching the tigerdragons. There's a shrine dedicated to teach younglings, Gem makers and divination magic is practiced.   Crystal Edge: A forest of crystal trees and fauna, shimmering and sparkling in rainbow colors as well a haze of pollen, spores and orbs.     Beach Palm Birds: A huge coastal desert and beach, it is a lot of termites and ants other insects living around here, as well palm trees and strange birds.   Apprentice School Tower, Shine Tower: A small magic crystallized part of the Gaia, from the Alula and Tundra's magic merged together into a swirl, this place is wizards and other magic users favorite place, a collage where people learn to tap into the arcane energies.   Moving Sadness:   Lunar Barracks: this place is boarder for wild wasteland on the other side which is splatted up on 10 small islands in a big circle of cliffs and deserts lands.

Alternative Name(s)
Land of the Three Sisters, Heart of the Spirals, Crystal Tree Region, Realm of Arcane, Plane of Chaos Magic
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