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Deity Tora

Tora most known. Tora is the goddess of Water, and Ice. friendship, love and acceptance. Her Crystal is lilac purple and ice blue.    Wrath of Tora, is punishment of exile   Personality wise    She is a very friendly and happy person, she accept everyone as their follower, she always gives a friendly face a minor blessing. Tora loves primal instincts and love monstrosity of every kind, she breeds with various deities and gods around as an acceptance for love. But in flaws she is a deadly goddess, she will attack if she see though your lies.   Abilities    Tora uses power words and teleportation, wild magic spells sometimes and bullet hell spells. She summon her gigantic crystal scythe can attack far as 200 meter in circle around, it have devastating effect both on soul and body. She also have a bag of tricks and fey creatures to help her.     History    Tora is the whole-hearted of the three sisters, as a normal tigerdragon she went beyond expectations of magic abilities from the start but her heart was cold as ice, she didn't know how to express herself, but with Alula's wise words and Tundra's small talks Tora finally came out of the shell.   Her magic of creation she began with the sisters help creating the land of Gaia, twisting and swirling the island into a new found place. but she didn't stop there as she created life and plants, as well the crystal fruit accidentally. she also put up 12 portals around the realm. She began exploring in astral planes, dream planes and other dimension, slipping further and further out from their own. for thousand of years she did this, her magic powers grew enormously till she manage to tear portals open, ripping realities and create holes. about hundred years she went to Toril, Feywild and Shadowfell, exploring and finding artifacts from there, she took them with her and kept it safe. but she suddenly stumbled upon the illithids in all of it, making contracts and promises with this alliance she thought they would. after 10 years, something bad happened. her nemesis Suket broke free from the magic chains of the land of eternal darkness. Tora ordered her followers to break the portals down for their own protection as well the realm, so only 2 portals are open one in the City of Souls and one where Alula are the ' The Tree of Beginnings ' .   /starting stats/ HP: 1550 Mana: 700 STR: 15 END: 17 DEX: 14  INT: 16 WIS: 18 CHA: 19       General Physical Condition Her first appearance is a humanoid japanese shinto maiden with horns glowing, big oval animal ears and a big fluffy dragon-like tail, but as her original form of tigerdragon, she tower over 2 meter and pretty light in weight. she can float around when the winter returns, and wears a necklace with symbol of a scythe which is her favored and most powerful tool. just her appearance have a charming effect on others.   Social   Bubbly, Joyful, Excited, Fun-Loving, Hyper Active and Easily Distracted.   Alignment- Chaotic Good - Chaotic Neural   Honorary & Occupational Titles The Winter born The Love Goddess The Heart Locker The Queen of Winter The Breeding Dragoness The Broken Crystal   Professions Warlock of Tora, The Broken Crystal Pact   Biological Sex Female

Divine Domains

Water, and Ice. Friendship, Love, Acceptance, Death

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An blue eye surrounded by four detailed triangles pointing in north, south, east and west


The Gatherer's Pilgrim, The Winter Born Gathering, Soul Collectors Week

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