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Acelae and Amarae Starseed

Light City have a strange humanoid beings and they are called Acelae Starseed , the white star/sun Amarae Starseed, the blue star/sun   Created of the celestial light of the tree, these are almost like Valkyries, they are the sub species of air tigerdragon and celestial humanoid.   Understand: Celestial, Elvish, Auran   +2 Cha +1 Dex   They can Jump 40 ft as a bonus action in battles or outside combat at will.   Celestial Aura: Disguise self at will and on second level Blur or Shatter as twice a day.       Choose between Acelae or Amarae trait:   Acelae, Battle Angel: In battles you get 2d8 pool of energy you can channel strength or constitution to strike with a bonus action each fight, if you empty the pool you get a exhaust point at end of the battle.   Amarae, Astral Being: In social or investigation you have a 2d8 pool of energy you can detect traps, get more saves on insight or deception, if you empty the pool you get exhaust point at the end of the interaction.      

Acelae have their powers connected to the Alpha Pegasi, Markab   Amarae have their powers connected to the Sirius, the dog star

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

their lengthy, slender androgynous body with rarely feminine or masculine traits, it is hard for other to notice before they speak. they have more horizonal sharp ears with a slight curve downwards, eyes are open but slight oval with long light colored lashes. They mostly have one forehead horn like a unicorn that looks mostly spiraled or a slight curved, it grow up to 50 cm from their head. They have one to three pair of crystal-like wings, , which is half meter to 1 meter in length. pastel colored hair and eyes mostly depended on their alignment, the lighter they are the good they might be, the more crystal like they are the more lawful they might be and they might shine a bit when using magical abilities. crystal hooves and nails that have same coloration as their horns and hair, they rarely have tails but the tail look very long and slender and very horse like, other rare traits are opalite looking scales on their hands, shoulders and legs.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Both wearing these prismatic light clothing of energy, they do not need physical clothing, they connect their energy unto their skin.

Courtship Ideals

They know already who gonna be their partner as well their children

2500 - 3000 years
Average Height
2.00-2.30 cm
Average Weight
40 - 60 kg

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