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Spires of Darken Stars

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A High Fantasy with World of a specie called the Tigerdragons, a war brought on to the world as deities from different places have their own meaning, some might want to help the three sisters and other have plans to take over.   -     Where: Laying in the constellation of cancer and behind the beehive cluster is the direction of Darken Spires Nebula, a lot of white dwarfs will be leading the way til you see a cluster of red dwarfs and 3 huge blue super giants making a triangle shape in the nebula. there's five gas giants and twelve rock planets surrounding the world which have a few moons. the closest one to the Blue giant sun, is a very hot but livable for fire elementals is the ' Q'Iros' and it have a very unstable weather but it makes a beautiful red dot on the skies in the morning. the biggest gas giant is called ' Whirlwinds' and have least 30 small moons which is mostly ice taigas. the other outer rocky planets are asteroids, and is affected by a blue gas giant with lot of colorful spirals and one iron moon. but the most outer is a belt of rock, ice and other minerals, it protects the solar system as well smallish light up the place with gases and other things.