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Exoskepticism is the doubt or disbelief in the existence of extraterrestrial life or intelligence that is common on Earth. This belief is different than Exorevisionism, the denial or distortion of the evidence, even though the two philosophies are related.

Exoskepticism has contributed to the interdiction of Earth because it is clear that any proof of life originating anywhere other than on their little planet would significantly impact their sense of self and their place in the universe. While most cultures eventually make this discovery and process it appropriately, the level of paranoia and exorevisionism among the humans has led to the belief that it is not yet time to make their general population aware of exactly how ordinary they are in the universe.

This belief has caused the humans to experience several unpleasant consequences:

  • The Galeun and Harperion interference in the culture was allowed to continue unhindered. Even when exposed to evidence of this interference most humans considered the evidence to be fabricated or ridiculous.
  • Those who were open to the concept (Spaceport Crew Members)were caught completely off guard upon discovering the station in orbit. It made them vulnerable to manipulation and resulted in considerable delay before they took action.
  • Over the millenia that the wider Galactic population has been aware of the humans on Earth, many pranks and jokes have been perpetrated upon these hapless, backward individuals.

Benefits of this belief:

  • Visitors can often walk among humans without being noticed as they will simply ignore them entirely in an effort to avoid appearing insane.
  • While humans whose exoskepticism is damaged will often collapse, the belief itself has given them a surprising resiliency to any pesky proof that does get through.

Notes for tourists:

The interdiction of Earth absolutely forbids visitors from pranking the humans. Remain unseen except within The Spaceport facility and remember that you are supposed to be humans pretending to be aliens. If you can not blend with humanity and be seen as a human in a costume, please refrain from visiting or use a holoprojector. Causing a mass panic or the mental break down of even a single human is absolutely forbidden.

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Aug 3, 2023 14:39 by Always Room For Pud

This is a very unique spin on the Summer Camp prompt and one I really appreciate. I love the idea that what is probably just seen as normal on Earth is viewed as an awful condition by the rest of the galaxy, and I especially love that the 'hidden advantages' of the condition benefit these aliens as much as or even more so than the actual 'afflicted!' :It's an excellent and creative take on the prompt.

Aug 4, 2023 17:03 by Deleyna Marr

Thanks! It is one of the core themes of these stories.

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