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August 8th
Everyone in town knows that Jeremiah is the one who murdered Clarence in cold blood. Everyone, that is, except the Sheriff. Like a snake, he's managed to slip right through the fingers of the law. Even now, during a time of mourning, Jeremiah struts around town looking far too proud of himself...
  August 9
They finally recovered Clarence's body. I stood with his fiancee as they buried him and let her cry on me. Even Jeremiah didn't have the guts to show his ugly mug at this funeral. When they lowered the coffin into the ground I prayed to the Earthshaker... The entire town is in mourning... Not just for Clarence, but for the very idea of Justice.
  August 11
Jeremiah was found dead this morning... It looked like he had died of fright, if not for the deep dark bruises formed around his throat. No one seemed too concerned with his death, though the town seems more happy than sad about the loss of our local murderer.
I decided to visit Clarence and let him know that justice was done. When I got there, however, I realized he already knew. The ground was upturned as if something had crawled out and left. I knew I should have felt afraid, but I couldn't seem to.
— Excerpt from a Diary, Author Unknown
Revenants can be found throughout almost all of draconic history. They are both feared and respected, depending on the story and who you ask. Like Wraaks, Revenants are spirits of revenge, but unlike Wraaks, Revenants are the souls or magic of departed dragons who carry out their revenge on those who have wronged them.
As far as folklorists are concerned, Revenants have a few requirements that must be met before they appear. In every case, the individual must die a horrible and unjust death (by their own standards). Wrongfully accused and executed individuals make up a good portion of Revenants that have been written about. In many of the cases, the individual who becomes the Revenant also has a torrid burial. Revenants have been known to appear when bodies aren't properly buried, or in some cases where grave sites have been disturbed by people.
In rare cases, Revenants may enter into covenants with other sentient beings, such as dragons. The Revenant offers up their magic and powers in return for aid in seeking vengeance. Individuals who enter into these covenants are classified as Warlocks.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Revenants are generally restricted to a few forms, and are commonly spotted in forms that match what they looked like in real life. Some Revenants choose to appear as they did at their time of death, or even showcasing some signs of decay. Others, appear as a healthy version of themselves, and show no outward signs that they are deceased. Occassionally, Revenants may appear as simple orbs of light.
One of the major differences between Revenants and Wraaks, other than their origins, is the way they interact with the world. A Revenant does not have a physical form to interact with the world using, and cannot be stopped by walls, doors, or any other physical impediment. Instead, their interaction with the world around them stems from their magic, or, in rare cases, their vessel (See Warlocks ).

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Revenants use their magic as their main way of interacting with the world around them. They are supernaturally perceptive, and seem to be able to hear and see much better than living beings can. As a Revenant, their magic has grown to be very capable at tracking, especially tracking magical signatures.

Revenant Portrait

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