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***This world is under a construction effort to overhaul the entire design and user experience, please be patient as links may be broken as I work through the layout***   Sleyterra is a tabletop RPG in development, it is a bright world of high fantasy with limited technology, supplemented by magic. Three kingdoms hold dominion on the continent of Aiphand, and the veil between the mortal realm and the Fae Courts is on the verge of collapse. When the initial weakening of the veil happened a decade long war raged in the land as the Fae attacked. An uneasy peace has survived for nearly a thousand years, but there are whispers of a force working to tear the veil open in this age, stoking the world to prepare for war once again.

One shot adventures will weave into a larger story as adventurers complete quests and seek answers to questions within the world. These adventures, and future projects are part of a patreon campaign to create content to play with using the Open Game License as a guide.
The current focus is to develop the continent of Aiphand and move forward on new continents after that.