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***This world is under a construction effort to overhaul the entire design and user experience, please be patient as links may be broken as I work through the layout***   Magic was haphazard a thousand years ago when disaster weakened the veil. The Fae saw this accident as an attack. The fighting ended in uneasy peace being established for nearly a millennium. Now, the kingdoms are preoccupied with their volatile politics and struggle to develop technology, but a mysterious force from beyond the veil threatens war again. The call is heard by peasants and nobility alike - be you a simple adventurer or the hero for a nation, will you join the fight to save the world?

One shot adventures will weave into a larger story as adventurers complete quests and seek answers to questions within the world. These adventures, and future projects are part of a patreon campaign to create content to play with using the Open Game License as a guide.