The Vestiges

The term "Vestiges" is used to classify a group of species that was deeply affected by Hrak-Tuzul. Whether they were allied of the invading army, or born out of their evil, they now share the same fate of being outcasts trying their best to fit into society, and to carve their path into a brighter future.  

Slaves of Chaos

As written in the Mind Scrolls of Shandar-Hra, a few species already living on Shandar decided that their best chances would be by allying with Hrak-Tuzul. Lured by the sheer chaotic power, or maybe just afraid and acting out of collective instinct, they sought the protection of the invaders and thus they became their slaves. These species were the brutal Orcs, the plane-gifted Gith, and the crafty Goblins.

Creations of War

The mighty war machine of Hrak-Tuzul brought new members to the already numerous family of sentient species on Shandar, whether by accident or with intent. The Warforged were created as living assault weapons, artificial beings kept alive thanks to the Unending Planes energies. Kenku were crafted by magically altering ravens to become humanoid and sentient, trained to be the perfect servants. Finally, the Tieflings were born out of Hrak-Tuzul blood mixed with Human or Elven blood, unwanted children of those violent years.
Hrak-Tuzul didn't bring only war and destruction. It brought new life as well. You see it in the Tieflings, ever careful to hide their heads, in the Kenku, incapable of real speech, and in the Warforged, artificial beings neither dead or alive.

Cover image: Dark Hills by Nele Diel


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Aww, this is kind of sad. I feel sorry for them. :( Must be difficult to try to find a new place in the world.

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