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Shadowfire Worldember Pledge 2023

For this Worldember, I won't have heaps of time up my sleeves due to family and holiday shenanigans (fun, but chaos). But I will aim for the 10,000 words. The event is always such a great motivator to flesh out my world and inspiring to see so many others do the same.  

Area of focus

This year, I hope to return to my roots so to speak. I've been working on Shadowfire for nearly five years now, and this will be my fourth Worldember. When i started the corner of the world was the Protectorates, and their city states around Reverence Bay. I very quickly left that behind me as I explored ever outward, and those areas of the world feel a little neglected now.   So my goal for this Worldember is to dive back into the Protectorates, their cities, peoples and institutions. And, importantly, the history of it all. The Protectorates have a much shorter history than others across Shadowfire - it site closeer to them in living memory. Their near ancestors fled the original Destruction into Refuge and time moved at a different pace there. For The Returned, it is only a few generations since they fled the world, compared to the many housands of years for those survivors who were left behind.   This experience is unique among the cultures of Shadowfire, and goes in part to explain their fervent desire to reclaim what they see as their lost homelands.   I will use this Worldember to try and fill in the gaps. This may include the founding legends of The Cabal and the salvation from Destruction, the history and trials of Refuge, the eventual Return, and the various factions that emerged from that. If i can, perhaps I will flesh out more of the politics and factions, and the ongoing conflicts and alliances that the Protectorates have entered into since their Return.  


The primary scope will be the areas around Reverence Bay, just Shadowside of the Brightweld Mountains. This will include a possible rewrite of the city states of New Lafaelle and Helton, and a closer look at the institutions of The Academy, The Church of the Faceless, The Order of Salvitas, The Shield, and of course, the Lord Protectors themselves.   The history of Refuge will be important, from the moment that Thulaya led the survivors into safety, through the famines and the struggles to maintain their culture within Refuge, and their eventual Return a few generations later when the magics that protected them began to fail. The ideals of the original Cabal that sought to keep the dreams of Age of Exultancy alive were transformed over this time into the puritanical and dogmatic zealots that eventually emerged to reclaim their homeland. How? And who opposed the rise of the zealots? What were the kernels of the current dissent seen on the rise across the Protectorates?   This context will continue to flesh out the themes inherited from the full world meta for shadowfire: control, stasis and subjugation vs collaboration, change and freedom. Even within the Protectorates, these forces struggle against each other.  

A welcome

I've made some small changes to Shadowfire's home page to highlight the primer articles i've been slowly putting together. These will evolve, but give a good overview of the areas which I have been focussed on over the last couple of years.

Last minute prep

Wel... classically, i've left my homework run until the last few days of November, psyching myself into this now. Does that count as last minute prep? I sure hope so!   Good Worldembering to you all!
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Nov 27, 2023 09:48

Glad you made it in time for prep- and looks like a decent sized project too. Here's to a great worldember!

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Nov 29, 2023 13:22 by TJ Trewin

Last minute prep, let's gooooooo! :D Good luck on your path to 10k for WorldEmber this year, you can do it! Have you planned any rest & rewards for reaching your goal (or milestones)?

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Dec 2, 2023 00:27 by Ononomad

Thanks TJ! If I manage to get to 10K, thats reward in itself to be honest. And this time of year has plenty of fun moments. Good luck for you Worldember efforts too :-)

Dec 1, 2023 18:40 by Fall

Glad to see you'll be joining us this year, I can't wait to see what you'll do! Good luck and I hope you find time to enjoy WorldEmber and rest too.

Dec 2, 2023 00:28 by Ononomad

Thanks for the kind words... I can't wait to see what everyone gets up to as well. Time to get cracking i think! Have fun :-)