Usage Simulator

The Usage Simulator was created by Gwen Ch. There are several elements to the machine. It was intricately assembled with as an elaborate piece of apparatus comprised of multiple conveyor belts, pulleys, hammers, drills, funnels, and other various parts. The Usage Simulator has different sections for each type of item that usage will be simulated upon. Clothing will feed into a department that gives it wear, minor tears, or hard to lift stains. Toys will be bashed around to simulate several years of child's play.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Over time, Gwen Ch has perfected her craft, creating an initial sorting process. A person feeds the merchandise into the correct slot, and the machine takes it from there, directing the object to be lightly beaten, stretched, scratched, or worn, according to its product type.


In the past, Gwen Ch would simulate usage on the newly stolen goods herself. But, when the operation grew, she began to hire workers to help plunder and also depict wear upon the goods. Slowly, she began to formulate machines that could do the job for them, leaving her and her assistants time to do other more pressing tasks that humans could handle best. Piece by piece, she collected additions, compiling them all together at last to create a final masterpiece. She still adds updates every now and then, but she considers her invention a work of art that saves her time and money, making the usage appear natural and random. She still utilizes manpower to simulate usage on some smaller or more fragile objects, such as etching small scratches into jewelry, applying a light dusting to paintings, or ever so slightly discoloring statuettes.
Item type
There is only one of its kind in the entire world.
This elaborate machinery spans several rooms of The Laundromat


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Eternal Sage MoonRaven
Jeroen Heijster
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I was a bit confused about why until I read the history. I can see this being really useful in *certain* situations!

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LexiCon (WordiGirl)
9 Jan, 2022 21:16

Glad you were able to make sense of it lol. I suppose more backstory could be found in the Gwen Ch bio and the laundromat articles. Thanks for the read, comment, and like!

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