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Stewart's Final Shadow

Introductory Intern Stewart Princely is graduating from the Junior Sprout program, but first, he needs to do one final task; shadowing Someone Elsewood and Constance Harbor for the last time, as they have been serving as his mentors for the past several months. However, in an attempt to impress, the young agent-to-be overdressed for the task. Commander sent him away to change out of his formalwear and into a tactical catsuit more fitting for the mission at hand. When the teen returned, though, he found that his comrades had left without him. Will Stewart be able to catch up and help the mission in order to successfully complete his internship and become an official W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. operative? Or will he fail and be doomed to repeat the mentorship stage with a set of agents who may or may not be the ones he knows and loves?
Stewart Princely voiced by Jeff Rose
Trike voiced by Matt McClain
Someone Elsewood voiced by Jon McNally
Constance Harbor voiced by Ossandra White (me)
Audio editing, effects, writing, and production by Ossandra White (me)
Stewart Princely
Character | May 27, 2024
Someone Elsewood
Character | Jun 23, 2024

...Names are Unimportant...

Constance Harbor
Character | May 7, 2024
Commander McCox Gives Newbies the Rundown:   Well, that kid is finally movin' on up. Dang, they grow so fast! I remember when Princely just started. He was so eager to learn everything. The moment he learned about Elsewood, you'd think the boy went crazy. He adores that man. When I set it up for him to study under his hero and then partner Harbor, he was the happiest little kid I ever did see. I can hardly believe it's long has it been? Well, his internship concludes today. It all depends on if he will pass or fail this final test. With Elsewood and Harbor on the case, I doubt anything will go wrong, so Princely has nothing to worry about. Being such a big fan of the stylish guy with his suave suits and ties, I'm not at all surprised the kid showed up today with a tux. That, unfortunately, was a bit too overdressed for this mission. Tactical catsuits are the way to go here. Even Elsewood forsook his traditional attire for this mission. Listen, Dr. Jenski is no joke, and with all this shady watertower business, things are gonna get messy. I have confidence, though, that Princely is gonna pull through. We'll see, though. We'll see.   I sent him back to change. I think Elsewood and Harbor are already at the car. They'd better not leave him behind or they're gonna have to take him on another mission! And they aren't even partners anymore. Oop. Looks like I'm outa coffee...and my intern isn't here to help, so I guess I'll get up and go refill this mug myself. You like it? I ordered it from the Catalog of WILLOWISP merch after the other one fell off the desk and broke that time. I knew better than to be practicing golf swings in here. If I was just one inch closer, it could have been my Outstanding Operative award, and I woulda been reeeal mad.


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