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A Chest of Beastly Playthings

Auxiliary Database

Hear the full conversation between Someone and CAR...
Someone voiced by Jon McNally.
C.A.R. voice generated by Ossandra White.
Audio edited and produced by Ossandra White.
  (Tweet One)
Look at all these beastly playthings at my disposal! Where to begin? Hmm... Wings? I wonder what this does.
There are several drones in the system to be deployed at will, such as the WaspDrone; equipped with cameras, microphones, & trackers.

  (Tweet Two)
Boring. For now. No need to track people at the moment but, I must confess, it's nice to know they're there. What do all these stripes mean?
Barcodes are another way to search through the database for devices, such as this Tigerfish AquaDrone.

  (Tweet Three)
Hmmm...What else have you got?
Do remember I am also a highly talented vehicle, capable of assisting you in whatever you're attempting.
Tooting your own horn much? They say C.A.R.s have no emotion but I'd think you were becoming a bit jealous.

  (Tweet Four)
Shell sounds interesting.
This section is filled with heavily-armed robots that strive through bullets, lasers, and explosions to complete tasks. AstrochelysRD8 is one of the best, considered most essential in bomb defusal operations.

  (Tweet Five)
Defusal? Ehrm... Give me something more exciting!
'Exciting' as in 'not drab in appearance'? These colorful butterfly bugs can go unnoticed without being grey or patterned in army fatigue. Light as a feather. Realistic movement. A perfect spy.

  (Tweet Six)
Hide them among the colorful flowers as they blossom. Spy on people in the park. Or, if it's dark in the evening, the CinereousOp owl bot has nocturnal vision.
Please. No more spybots. There's got to be something that...livens things up...

  (Tweet Seven)
How about Mythical? That sounds like the kind of codeword all kinds of fun things can stem from.
This section covers holographic devices that can project images, creating life-like displays.
I already have one of those projector pens. NEXT!

  (Tweet Eight)
Track down persons of interest with the Falcon541; a hyperrealistic bird of prey with advanced sight, sound, and smell sensors.
*sigh* I don't need these boring things. Don't list any more trackers or listeners. I won't accept them. Alright?

  (Tweet Nine)
Sir, I must warn you that some of these devices may cause monstrous damage if used carelessly.
Oooh. That sounds like the fun I've been looking for!
What are you planning?
Nothing...yet. I just need something to cure my unending boredom.

  (Tweet Ten)
Contents listed under 'Monstrous' and 'Danger' are fittingly so; variants of gargantuan mech suits only utilized in special operations. Nothing trivial to play with when you're bored.
What a plum feature. Perhaps I'll summon one of those.

  (Tweet Eleven)
I'd advise against such. You're in no predicament to require either of those mechs. An integrated catsuit under codename 'Purr' would suit you better. Robotically enhanced tactical uniforms available in every color from wine red to midnight black.

  (Tweet Twelve)
...intriguing. What does Roar contain?
Our agency has improved upon realistic robotic dinosaur raptor prototypes acquired from an opposing organization. Unless you seek to ruin your relationship with WILLOWISP, I suggest you skip these as well.

(Tweet Thirteen)
Hmph. Sounded fun. What about Shriek?
Wailing alarms of all kinds to alert you of trespassing fiends and let them know you're onto them.
How slow and boring. Why not pop out and surprise them? Catch them in the act, not make them run away.

(Tweet Fourteen)
Howl...what's this?
Tactical gear that can assist you and a team on evening operations. Night vision, enhanced hearing, streamlined communication...
Team? Bleh. What a string of nonsense.

(Tweet Fifteen)
HTPMDs are trained to perform tasks and assist in covert maneuvers. A new wave of puppies has recently been bred in the lab. Would you like one to accompany you?
Real dogs? We have those?! No! No. NO. Next. I said NEXT!

(Tweet Sixteen)
Of course, sir. 'Pack' is the next section.
If it has to do with dogs, you can skip this one, too.
Alright, Someone. I will take this as a sign that you dislike dogs.

(Tweet Seventeen)
Tunneling robots that travel underground, chew through metal, and communicate with each other through radio frequencies. They are mainly dispatched for sabotage.
Hee hee! I can see a lot of potential in these.

(Tweet Eighteen)
These help you to sync with a partner and communicate--
Ugh! Communication? Unimportant. You know I like to play alone.

  (Tweet Nineteen)
I am well aware but, based on your behavioral patterns, a partner is advised.
Meh. If McCox tries to pin another Obligatory Associate on me, I'll go mad.
You already are. Perhaps clear the room with a TinCan bomb of stinky gas?

(Tweet Twenty)
TinCan bombs are exciting. Any more in there?
Here is a complete list. But, I suggest you lean more towards gentle options such as sleeping gas or perplexing gas.

(Tweet Twenty-One)
'Messenger' is the next entry. Here you will find assorted devices to facilitate correspondence between parties, though I believe you said 'communication is unimportant'.
Oh, joy! That's correct! You're really catching on.

  (Tweet Twenty-Two)
Food? What's that? I am getting a bit hungry.
It's a candy dispenser filled with various poisons disguised as unsuspecting sweet treats.
The device also has an indicator to test your own food. When lit, you are advised not to partake.

  (Tweet Twenty-Three)
Good to know. Vicious. What can be more vicious than poison?
More poison-or, rather, venom. These tiny bots are controlled to 'bite' their victims, injecting different chemicals into their bloodstreams.
Hmm... do we have to stay on this poison path?

  (Tweet Twenty-Four)
Not at all, sir. 'Silent' has multiple devices that aid in secrecy, including drones that make no sound. I'm aware spy drones bore you, but these heavy lifters are able to carry a harnessed agent away for a hasty flit.
Ah. I'd quite enjoy that.

(Tweet Twenty-Five)
'Parasite'. More 'boring' trackers. They embed themselves in their targets and stay there for as long as they are needed. They've been known to unite agents with elusive fiends years after they were planted.
Impressive. But, right. Not exciting.

  (Tweet Twenty-Six)
'Predator' showcases more submarines. This time, however, they are vehicles and not drones. Most are modeled after the great white shark and navigate seamlessly through the waters to circle their targets.
Ooh. Vehicles are always fun.

  (Tweet Twenty-Seven)
I'm sure this next section drew your attention, then. Compact personal helicopters with quiet rotors, cloaking abilities, and homing mechanisms that target lock and stalk on autopilot.
Ha ha! That's what I'm talking about! Let's summon one now!

(Tweet Twenty-Eight)
...would you like to confirm that summons?
I would...except, I'd rather rely on the best vehicle ever made that absolutely can't be beat.
Which one is that, sir?
You, no doubt.
*computerized laughter* You are too kind, sir. It is a great honor to be your partn--!
Don't push it...*chuckles*

Here lies the collection of daily tweets for ShyRedFox's vssCollab challenge...

During a spot of downtime, a bored Someone scans through W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P.'s Auxiliary Database of available devices. Despite C.A.R.'s warning of how dangerous they can be, he fancies the thought of all the mischief he could create with such a chest of beastly playthings at his disposal...
THIS TIME, instead of pairing the vssCollab prompts with another tweet host, I used World Anvil's Bestiary February words. Enjoy!

  words of Someone are green.
  words of CAR are blue.
  prompt words are underlined.   clicking a ~~~Number~~~ in the sidebar will take you to the corresponding quote right here on this page.   clicking (Tweet) above that quote will take you directly to the post on Twitter.   clicking here will take you to the beginning of the full Twitter thread.


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Feb 15, 2024 01:58

This is awesome! :D

"Wherever you go, there you are" - Buckaroo Banzai   "Do or do not, there is no try" - Yoda   "No plan survives contact with reality intact" - Me
Feb 15, 2024 11:42 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Feb 15, 2024 11:00

Request form R12-A23-C03-N1
Ha, ha... Ok guys, you had your fun.
I really thought you got the message, when I returned the last Family Van you gave me, loaded with bullet holes.
I really thought we were in the clear when you send me the Lamborghini.
So why is it, that not only I still have this grumpy C.A.R. AI Version 2.0.01, but also that nearly all those new summon features are still locked?
And why do I have to be the only one to use the new request form with the "-N1" attachment?
I made that Intern pass the F.A., succeeded in the specially designed security driving training and only destroyed 2 pawnshops and 1 gas station with that van - and you were able to repair the damn car each time.

Ok let's give it a new try:
Please unlock (immediately): Monstrous, Danger, Burrow, Silent, Predator and Stalk, and while you at it.. I heard there is a version of C.A.R. that can sound like the Terminator or Darth Vader.

Oh and just as a little incentive: tell Jerry from the garage that I met his wife by "accident" and she invited me, as his good friend and colleague, over for dinner next Sunday!
— Agent Night-1 still trying to get a new C.A.R.

I like the Idea of Someone to dis his C.A.R. for all the "boring" things in the menu after he incidentally thought he would get a lot of new toys. - Even more I like that his C.A.R. would dis him by suggesting not to summon special Items!
Also Great Voice Casting!

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  • Feb 15, 2024 11:46 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

    Lol it's always fun to see your agent shenanigans. You may want to check out my current Zine called The New Agent Manual which could be entertaining for Agent Night-1. XD https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wordigirl/the-new-agent-manual-willowisp-solo-journaling-rpg

    Feb 15, 2024 12:16

    I like that guy too.
    It’s because really like the setting of your World, that I really get immersive whenever I find the time to read something new.
    And since someone “Someone” brings quite the havoc to the table... well let's say I've got the feeling that Night-1 doesn't break the rules of the world ^^
    Glad you like him too!
    That kickstarter looks quite intriguing

    Have a look at my entries for:
  • BasicDragons's Unofficial Dragon Challenge 2024: Parg-nél'rush, der Walddrache
  • DaniAdventures Romance-Ception! Challenge Ballade von der Silberelfe
  • My Adventure April short story Einer dieser Tage
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