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Summer Camp 2018 Project

I looked over the prompts of the Summer Camp once and immediately fell in love. The goal here is to ✓ finish all of them in time b) create enough material for a book c) write the first draft of it this autumn. And optional d) finally (!) become more active in the worldbuilding community and actually post something publicly :)   I'd also like to design some fun magic system and maybe some monsters to go with it, since there seems to be lack of prompts about those things specifically, but that might be overambitious for now. I should probably warn you, that I don't take the "wiki-style" - nice and clean and objective style - of writing super seriously. (Also, I can't really draw, forgive me for my sins.)   Sirens were sometimes called the muses of the lower world. That statement, the song linked below and some of the prompts in the challenge inspired in me an adventure story about a group of whores treasure hunting for some artefacts and subsequently saving the world. In my head, it's a mix of Harlots, The Mummy and Pirates of the Caribbean. Will it work? Who knows.