The Secret Dragon Village

In the deep past, the Dragon Imperium ruled the much of the Southern Continent with a hard, scaley hand before they were overthrown and forced out by the Iburi, who unified the peoples of the Northern Savannah against them and who would ultimately found the Iumbu Empire. Located on the plateau of Ghurado, the a lone volcano rising from the savannah, is a hidden village of Dragonfolk and Dragonkin, tranplanted fowards in time over 3000 years to a land that in no longer under the rule of the Dragon Imperator.


By Dragon Empire standards, the village is extremely homogenous, with the population consiting of approximately 80% Dragonkin and 20% Dragonfolk. The two peoples may look slightly dissimilar, but count themselves as one. What is absent are slaves and non-Dragonfolk/Dragonkin.


The village is ruled by the Council of Elders, a group of five Dragonfolk over the age of 300.


The village is heavily defended against dangers from the outside, having come from the era of the Iburi-Imperium War. It has tall walls of dragonstone, a central citadel, and can call on over 200 defenders from its citizenry immediately.


The village used to be an ore and lumber processing site, but those ar eno longer its primary industries. The village is sulf-sufficient, but only barely, as it had been heavily dependent on slave skills in the past to push past the gaps in their own lnowedge.


The village is supported by an aquaduct, and has paved roads, closed sewers that feed into an active lavatube, and a modest industrial area where they used to process ore and lumber for the Imperium. It has been repurposed since to meet their basic needs.


Wyrmlings. The village had a number of wrymlings wating for their eggs to hatch when they were snapped forwards in time, and they got loose into the wild in the confusion that followed that event. The village has the capability of training and equipping wrymlings to serve as mounts, and have even begun to breed some specifically to be better mounts.

Guilds and Factions

There are three factions at work in the village, seeking to influence the populace and the Council of Elders to their cause.   The Imperators: this faction beleives that it's the villages' gods directed mission to make contact with the Imperium, and to re-establish their rule of over the lesser peoples of Iosterra. They also beleive that they can free the magma-drake that is sealed within the volcano, and wish to free it, and turn it on the humans around them. They are an unpopular faction, owing to their violent inclinations.   Contactors: more forward looking, this faction beleives that the village's best chance is to contact the humans around them, and seek to become an part of the modern world. They have secretly been sending out scouts to learn about the world. They are the most popular faction.   Hiders: the plan of this faction is the simplest. The village should hide, and prevent any knowledge of its existance getting out. The Imperium may or may not find them, but the important thing is to remain hidden to stay safe. This faction is the middle ground popularity wise, because it requires the least effort.


The village, known as Kakik to the locals, was an outpost on frontiers of the Dragon Imperium during the Iburi-Imperium War. It was newly established, and was awaiting its first slave shipment when it was warped forwards through time. The Council of Elders were able to determine through what magics they had that time had come apart, and that the village was no longer in its proper time. Scouts sent out swiftly reported back that the Great Grass Savannah was gone, and that the lands showed signs of magma-drake and magical warfare. The Dragon Imperium was gone, and several scouts reported seeing the symbol of the Iburi, their enemies, on the banners over human villages, or painted on their protective walls. For safety, the council ended all official forays outside of patrols in the immediate area, and set about trying to build a self-sufficient community.


Carved stone is the preferred building medium, and the volcano provides raw material for the village. Wood is used sparingly, not for lack of abundance, but because it's flammible.


The village is tucked into a heavily forested area on the plateau of an active volcano, a site selected because of the rare ores in the area.

Natural Resources

Wood, volcanic rock, volcanic ash, rare ores.

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Northern Savannah


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