The Annas Archipelago

At the furthest, most southern tip of the mainland of the Southern Coninent is the Annas Archipelago, a collection of islands that was once an isthmus that linked the continent to the Southern Subcontinent and the Antarctic. The Magister Wars saw the use of lithospheric magics though, and the isthmus was shattered to prevent easy movement north or south by one of the belligerent parties. Previously only inhabited by Silt Orcs, these temperate islands have recently been partly colonized by Vostovic humans, exploring northwards from their cool homeland. This has not been well received by the resident Silt Orcs, and relations between the groups range from "cool" to "hostile" at any given point. By 100 SR, despite over two decades of effort, the Vostovic have still been unable to seize the entirety of these islands from their Silt Orc keepers.


An island chain in the temperate weather band, each island is wooded, and generally has at least rolling hills, if not a small mountain. The lithospheric magic used did serious damage, but at least left the landforms that are stable. The waters around the islands are relatively shallow, with a maximum depth of 137 metres, and are home to a number of reefs and submerged landforms, which make navigation tricky at best.

Fauna & Flora

The area is teaming with unique species owning to the sudden, and literal, island effect; and the time issues of the Lost Era weren't much help. Overall, birds were the big winners, and make up most of the Archipelago's large life about the surface. The waters are teaming with seals and fish, something that attracted both the Silt Orcs and Vostovic to the area.   The flora of the area is unremarkable, save for the teas that grow naturally on the slopes of some of the mountains. This tea is in high demand both north and south, and is currently only collected and processed by people from the Republic of Tasmrao.

Natural Resources

The Annas Archipelago is a huge resource of wood, coal, ores, and the crystals prized by the Orosa. These are untouched for the most part, as the Silt Orc inhabitants only extract the resources needed and tend to keep to the shoreline areas. The area is rich in seals and fish, and boasts scallop beds of unprecedented size.

Location under
The Southern Contintent


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