The Kundu is, by far, the most common sword design in the Northern Savannah and North Coast areas, with only the near universal ixwa being more popular as a personal melee weapon. A short, wide bladed sword, it is unique in that its tip is more remeniscent of a flared axe head, creating an almost "T" shaped terminus. The Dakan peoples are by far its most common users, where it's seen as the minimum needed by a man or woman to defend themselves; but it has gained popularity among the Iburi and peoples of the Northern Savannah.   When used to its full capacity, the unique design of the Kundu allows the user to cripple an opponent.
Weapon/Wealth Level/Properties/Banes   Kundu/1/One-Handed, Precise, Forceful, Swift 1/Slowed
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Related ethnicities
0.70 to 1.2 kg
55cm to 70cm long
Raw materials & Components
Iron or steel, wood, and bronze.
A blacksmith shop set up for making weapons.


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