A common weapon in the Northern Savannah, it can be found in the hands of Iburi and Dakan humans, Hyenafolk, and Orcs. A heavily reinforced spear, the Ixwa has evolved into a close quarters weapon par excellence, and it's difficult to find someone not at least passingly familiar with it in its home region. An Ixwa is an exceptionally short hafted spear with an unusually long, heavily reinforced tip, which can be used either one-handed or two-handed. Its versatility, along with ease of maintenance and effectiveness aginst the many thick hided monsters of the Northern Savannah guarantees this weapon will see use into the foreseeable future.  
  Weapon/Wealth Level/Properties/Banes   Ixwa/1/Versatile, Forceful, Precise, Swift 1/-  


This is a generic arm in the region, and has no serious significance.

Item type
Weapon, Melee
Related ethnicities
Common in the Northern Savannah and North Coast; uncommon and rare elsewhere.
80 to 100cm (long)
Raw materials & Components
Iron or Steel, Wood.
Any competant blacksmith or new weapon smith can produce a passible Ixwa in their shop.


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